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A Guide to HTML5 Video Player (+ Best 15 Video Players)

Remember the good ol’ days when Adobe’s Flash players were pretty much the only option we had to play any type of video content on browsers? All web-based video players that adhered to this defacto standard have taken an almost 360-degree turn for the better after HTML5 came along.. In 2022, Adobe’s browser plug-in Flash […]

RTMP and HTML5 Video Players – What Broadcasters Need to Know

rtmp player html5

Online video is constantly evolving as technology continuously improves. While still relevant, the popular Flash player has been taken over by HTML5 video. Consequently, new video players are emerging on the market, adapted to this new video format. Access to fully HTML5-compatible video players has increased. Video elements such as playback, compatibility, speed, audio quality […]

Introducing the New Dacast Video Player

New player - Nov 2021

The new Dacast player has arrived, and it looks better than ever! At Dacast, we want to make sure to provide our broadcasters and their viewers with the best viewing experience possible. This new and improved video player is designed to do just that. Here are some improvements the new Dacast player offers. 1. New […]