After a live stream, can I upload my videos to YouTube?

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Yes, it is possible to upload your videos to YouTube after doing a live stream. You can do this via the auto-archiving feature. Here’s how:

Auto-archiving Feature

From within your DaCast account, you can use the auto-archiving feature to upload previously aired live content. For more information about this feature, you can check out this article.

Recording live streams with Encoder

If you opt to auto-archive with your encoder (e.g., Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, OBS), you can save the video content recording to your hard drive. From there, you can then do whatever you want to with that file. For example, you can make it available to your viewers as VOD content, and you can generate revenue by monetizing the VOD content as well.

You can also edit or upload the previously aired content to DaCast, or to another streaming service of your preference (e.g., YouTube).

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