What Profile Should I Set in Teradek Encoders?

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For Teradek encoders such as the Cube and Bond, you need to set the profile to “High” when broadcasting or doing a live stream.

It’s important to NOT use “Baseline”, as this may cause issues with the live stream in general when it comes to functionality and playback.

Now with Limelight network, being the CDN that the new Dacast platform uses, as an added bonus here is the configuration steps on connecting to the network using Dacast.

Limelight Networks is a CDN that offers a video streaming platform both direct and through service providers such as Dacast.

Streaming over RTMP to Limelight’s platform is possible from Teradek encoders and through the Core and Sharelink cloud services, but there are some additional requirements to allow the stream to be accepted by Limelight’s platform.

Addition of “/_definst_” text to RTMP Server URL

You must manually add “/_definst_” (without the quotes) to the end of the Server URL when creating the streaming destination in Core, Sharelink or on the Teradek encoder.

  • Example 1: if the configuration settings you receive from Dacast show a server URL of “rtmp://1911ac9d-04ad-99xy.dacastmmd.pri.lldns.net/dacastmmd”, then enter “rtmp://1911ac9d-04ad-99xy.dacastmmd.pri.lldns.net/dacastmmd/_definst_” in the field.
  • Example 2: if the configuration settings you received from your streaming provider show “rtmp://fmspush.lga.llnw.net/llnw1337” as the Server URL, enter “rtmp://fmspush.lga.llnw.net/llnw1337/_definst_” into the field.

User Agent should be set to “FMLE”

If the encoder has a selection field for the User-Agent, make sure it is set to the “FMLE” option.

Username and Password

The username and password indicated under the “Encoder Setup” of your Dacast stream, should be entered into the corresponding fields.

Once these fields are configured properly, you can now move forward with the encoder settings, like i.e changing the profile on the Teradek encoder.

Required Encoder Settings

The following live encoder settings are required for live streaming with Dacast, regardless of your selected resolution and bitrate:

VIDEO CODEC H.264 (x264 may work)
FRAME RATE 25 or 30
KEYFRAME INTERVAL 2 secs (or 2x frame rate)
SCANNING Progressive
AUDIO SAMPLE RATE 48 kHz (48,000 Hz)

We hope you have found this short guide useful, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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