What is Bandwidth? What is the Definition of Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a rate of data transfer, generally a metric of how much data can be sent in a given time period that is mandated by the stress and traffic caused on a server.

For Dacast, this refers to the amount of traffic caused by streaming (higher audience and higher bitrate translate into more bandwidth being consumed).

How Does Bandwidth Relate to Live and On Demand Video Streaming?

This is a very broad question as video streaming depends on your specific needs. More specifically, the price of your Dacast package will largely depend on the bandwidth needed for your project.

The bandwidth depends on how many viewers you are expecting, how long would they be watching, and the quality of your stream (low definition, medium definition, or high definition).

You can use the Dacast bandwidth calculator for an estimate of how much bandwidth you will need.

However, before committing to a plan we strongly recommend speaking with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to give you the most accurate estimate. Contact us at 855-896-9300.

Any questions or need help with our pricing plans or bandwidth calculator? Please contact us.

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Additional Resources

If you are unfamiliar with bandwidth and streaming, please use the calculator of our pricing page.

2 thoughts on “What is Bandwidth? What is the Definition of Bandwidth?

  1. Andras Bakos says:

    Hi, May I ask your kind help to confirm please what you write here means: the bandwidth used ONLY for viewers. So NO bandwidth “cost” on broadcast quality and amount of broadcasted channels. With other words the badwidth used up and we pay after how many viewers watch and how good quality they watch the channels we broadcast. Is that correct ?

    • Harmonie Duhamel says:

      Hi Andras, The way the bandwidth is used is correct, but we charge in a slightly different way. The bandwidth is pre-paid when you buy your annual or monthly plan. Each month, you are provisioned with an amount of bandwidth. This bandwidth is used based on how many people are watching your video content, for how long, and in which quality. When you run out of bandwidth, your stream stops. However, it is possible to upgrade your plan at any time and to set up an overage protection. This protection enables you to keep streaming after running out of bandwidth, by charging you for the extra GBs used after running out of bandwidth. Do not hesitate to contact us at the following email if you have any other questions: team@dacast.com
      Have a good day!

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