What Do I Do When My Video Bandwidth Limit is Exceeded?


Video Bandwidth Limits

There are two things you can do when your video bandwidth is exceeded on Dacast.

Playback Protection

The first option is to set up Playback Protection, which is essentially overage protection. In this scenario, you put a credit card on file that is authorized to refill your bank of bandwidth if you go over your monthly bandwidth or Event Plan bandwidth.

You can check out our Playback Protection walkthrough for more details.

An alternative option is just letting the bandwidth run out. This will cause your streams to shut off when you burn through the bandwidth on your account, but you will not suffer any additional consequences.

Please note that there is a two-hour delay on analytic reporting, so it might take a moment for the system to detect that you are out of bandwidth.

Your stream will not shut off until the detection is made. This means in some scenarios you might find yourself in the negative if you continue streaming within a two-hour window.

When Does my Bandwidth expire?

Note that all bandwidth expires after 12 months (1 year).

Unused video bandwidthrolls over each month and stays on your account as long as you are on a monthly or annual plan.

If you cancel your plan or decide to downgrade to a lower monthly plan level, theremaining bandwidthwill be removed from your account.

We encourage you to check out ourvideo bandwidth calculatorfor an estimate of how much bandwidth your need to purchase.

When Does Event Plan Bandwidth expire?

For the event plan or any other Dacast plan, the bandwidth expires 12 months (1 year) after being purchased.

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