How Does Overage (Playback) Protection Work for Bandwidth?


Bandwidth overage protection is how Dacast keeps live streams up and running when users are out of bandwidth. The way this works is whenever you run out of bandwidth, the system will order the amount that you have selected under “Playback Protection.”  For example, if you selected 50 GB of “Playback Protection,” the system will order however much bandwidth you need to get you to 50 GB. This happens if you get an influx of viewers and go into the negative. Let’s say that you get a large rush of viewers right when you are about to run out of bandwidth. The system will enter into a “grace” period while it updates the analytics and due to the rush of viewers, your remaining bandwidth has dropped to -3 GB.  At this point, the bandwidth overage protection kicks in and orders 53 GB. This will bring your total to 50 GB, as stated by your level of overage protection. If you are wondering how much bandwidth you need, check out our bandwidth calculator.


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Jose Guevara

Jose is a part of the Dacast Customer Onboarding team and started working with the company in 2016. He has vast experience in customer service/engagement and live streaming support.