How to Turn on Low Bandwidth Notification Emails on Dacast

Protect your live stream by setting a threshold email alert. Dacast account monitor will send you an email alert when you have 10% of Bandwidth (GB) left on your account.

To do so, it is easy! You just have to follow the few steps below: 

How to Set Up a Low Bandwidth Email Alert

STEP 1: Go to “Account” and click on “Profile” to enable the data limit:

Dacast - bandwidth low email - Profile 

STEP 2: In the email notifications section of the profile page, make sure the “Low Data” option is enabled, as shown below:

Dacast bandwidth low email - Low Data Enable 

STEP 3: Make sure to click “Save” to enable changes:

Dacast bandwidth low email - Low Data SaveWith these few simple steps, your low bandwidth email alerts are set up. This means that you will receive an alert email when you fall below 10% of your bandwidth.

How to Stop Receiving Low Bandwidth Notification Emails

Disabling email notifications is as easy as the process of enabling the “Low Data” notification. You will only have to go back in “Account” then “Profile” and switch the notification for “Low Data” to “OFF”:

Dacast bandwidth low email - Low Data Off

Make sure to click on “Save” to enable your new preferences.

NOTE: If you want to make sure you never run out of video bandwidth while live streaming, you can also set up the playback protection, or overage protection, on Dacast following in just a few simple steps. Please check out our dedicated playback protection guide to learn how to enable this feature.

If playback protection isn’t of interest to you, check out our bandwidth calculator to get an estimate of how much data you need so you can go into your stream prepared. Not sure how much bandwidth you have? Learn how to find your remaining bandwidth.

We hope this article helped you understand how the data limit notifications works. If you still have questions on the data limits or email notifications, feel free to contact us

We invite you also to contact us anytime via our chat online to get further information and help regarding our different plans.

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