Walkthrough: Encoder Setup Guide

  While setting up your live stream is easy, the encoder setup page is admittedly the most challenging step. For first-time users of the platform, it is understandable you may encounter some confusion. With this general guide, we provide you with the basic steps from within the platform, to make sure your live streaming experience […]

Wirecast Multi-Bitrates Settings Live Streaming Configuration

  Encoding, multi-bitrate streaming, and adaptive streaming are all very important elements for maintaining an excellent user experience and improving the quality of your live stream. In this post, we’re going to discuss how these features look in action with the Wirecast live encoding software. We will cover how to set up this software encoder […]

Live Stream Encoder Configuration and Required Dacast Settings

  Introduction To Live Encoding To ensure your Dacast live stream is stable and fully functional, you MUST configure your encoder to use the settings defined on this page. These settings have been chosen to ensure the maximum compatibility with the Dacast platform as well as with newer and older devices that are used for […]

Guide to Dacast Live Transcoding Feature

Our Live Transcoding feature will take a single incoming stream and create multiple renditions. This will allow your viewers to choose the rendition that works best for them. To set up a Live Transcoding channel you will need to follow these steps: Open the Live Streams tab then select Create Channel, choose Live Stream.   […]