Low Latency Streaming via HLS on Dacast OBS Studio

  OBS Studio is a simple yet capable free broadcasting software with an integrated RTMP encoder. We recommend using OBS Studio along with our recommended encoder settings to get started with live streaming.  Although OBS Studio is our recommended software encoder, it is not required. Any RTMP encoder will work. How to Set up low […]

Quick Start with Live Streaming (OBS Studio)

In this OBS Tutorial for Dacast, we will discuss how to set up a live stream by connecting the Dacast streaming solution to OBS Studio, a free and open-source broadcasting software with integrated encoding capabilities. This guide is for the Windows version of the encoder.  Video tutorial available here. Step 1: Add Details to Broadcast Setting Open […]

How to Stream and Use OBS Studio with Dacast for macOS

In this OBS tutorial, we will cover how to connect OBS Studio to the Dacast streaming solution and set up a live stream using this free, open-source live stream encoding software. This guide is for macOS users. Please note that this tutorial is not based on the Dacast version of OBS Studio that is available […]

Transcoding Limits in Dacast

What is Transcoding? Transcoding is essentially any process that’s undertaken to convert a file into a different format. Your videos must be transcoded correctly if they’re to be accessible to a wide range of users. Transcoding takes account of user differences to deliver a consistent viewing experience across the board. If your videos are transcoded […]

Can I Encode Video Files Before I Upload Them to Dacast?

Encoding your video files before upload is definitely an option with Dacast. If your file sizes are larger than 1GB, we actually recommend encoding with a dedicated software before uploading.  There are a number of free services out there that will aid you in doing this. We recommend you try either Handbrake and Zamzar. No […]