Does Dacast Support X264 Streaming?

  X264 Live Streaming Support Yes, Dacast supports x264 streaming for both live and on-demand video content. X264 is very similar to the H.264 video codec, and both are ideal choices for broadcasting with Dacast. What is an Encoder? The H.264 and x264 codecs have to do with your live stream encoder. Video encoding is […]

Introduction To Live Transcoding

  To ensure your transcoded live stream is stable and fully functional, you MUST configure your encoder to use the settings defined on this page. These settings have been chosen to ensure maximum compatibility with the Dacast platform. Failure to follow these settings may result in your live stream’s renditions having a wide variety of […]

How to Locally Encode Your Video Contents Using Handbrake?

  HandBrake is a local encoder that can correct some issues with your video, anything from the file being too large to audio/video sync issues. Handbrake will also transcode your videos into a format that is accepted by our platform if need be. What are the benefits of using HandBrake? HandBrake can help you fix […]

What are The Best Video File Formats Supported?

  The best video format for broadcasting on Dacast is MP4 with a video codec of H.264 and an audio codec of AAC-LC. This ensures great delivery over the widest range of devices. However, other formats can be uploaded and then encoded to become compatible. The following are formats that are supported but need to […]

Does Dacast work with Avercaster Duo?

  Yes, Dacast works with Avercaster Duo. We have had broadcasters use this and the Live Gamer Portable over our service to distribute video content. Please note: there used to be a problem with video aspect ratios (16×9 would display as 4×3 with the image compacted) and Dacast over these services. This was since fixed […]