Change Wirecast Video Encoding Profile for HTML5

In this post, we’re going to discuss how to change the HTML5 video encoding settings in Wirecast to “Baseline.”

How to Change the Wirecast Video Encoding Profile

To change your video encoding profile, go to Wirecast and open the “Output Settings” window. 

There are a few ways to go about this. 

OPTION 1: Click on STREAM, if you have not streamed yet

OPTION 2: Press the keys (CONTROL + Y) on PC

OPTION 3: Press Output then Output Settings:

Wirecast Video Encoding Profile - Output SettingsOnce the window opens, you can choose whichever method you wish (Dacast method or Manual Configuration). For this example, we choose the Manual Configuration Method, so for Destination, we put RTMP Server.

Once you’ve chosen your method, click “OK”:

Wirecast Video Encoding Profile - Output Settings ConfirmYou will then be redirected to this window click on the icon indicated below. You can then choose either “View Details” or “New Preset”:

Wirecast Video Encoding Profile - RTMP ServerYou will then be redirected to the Encoder Presets window, then towards the middle you will find the Profile bar, click on it to choose “Baseline”:

Wirecast Video Encoding Profile - Encoder BaselineClick “Save” to finish. That’s it – your Wirecast HTML5 profile should now be updated!

What is an Encoder?

Since we just went over the topic of Wirecast HTML5 video encoding settings, we’re going to briefly touch upon what an encoder is and what it does, and the required encoder settings for live streaming on the Dacast streaming platform.

Encoding is a process used to convert the RAW video files captured by a camera into digital files suitable for live streaming over the internet.

There are both hardware and software encoders.

Wirecast is an example of a software encoder that is used for live streaming. This means that the encoder feeds digital video files to the streaming platform in real-time.

Required Encoder Settings

The following encoder settings are required for live streaming with Dacast, regardless of your selected resolution and bitrate:

VIDEO CODECH.264 (x264 may work)
FRAME RATE25 or 30
KEYFRAME INTERVAL3 secs (or 3x frame rate)
AUDIO SAMPLE RATE48 kHz (48,000 Hz)

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