Guide to Dacast Live Transcoding Feature

Our Live Transcoding feature will take a single incoming stream and create multiple renditions. This will allow your viewers to choose the rendition that works best for them. To set up a Live Transcoding channel you will need to follow these steps: Open the Live Streams tab then click on Create Live Stream.      […]

Which Video Formats Does Dacast Support?

Optimal Video Formats for Dacast The optimal format is: MP4 H.264 AAC This ensures great delivery over the widest range of devices. However, other formats can be uploaded and then transcoded over the system to become compatible. All Video Formats Supported Dacast currently supports the following video file formats: mp4 — MPEG-4 .mov, .qt — […]

How to Use vMix Streaming with Dacast

vMix offers a variety of products that are centered around video production.  This particular guide is focused on their Windows-only encoder: the vMix Live Production Software. For this tutorial, we are using version 24 of the software. To ensure your live streaming setup is compatible, check out our post on the minimum vMix system requirements. […]

Why do I Get an Error Message in the Recording Settings on vMix?

This error occurs on systems where the Windows DVD Player is installed, or on systems upgraded from Windows 7 and 8 that included Media Center. This issue is due to a Windows 10 update: Update KB4013429, causing the vMix Record Settings to become unavailable. SOLUTION (for KB4013429): Please note that this is a temporary solution […]

How to Stream and Use OBS Studio with Dacast for Windows

Video Encoding and Transcoding

In this OBS Tutorial for Dacast, we will discuss how to set up a live stream by connecting the Dacast streaming solution to OBS Studio, a free and open-source  live stream encoding software. This guide is for the Windows version of the encoder.  Video tutorial available here. Step 1: Add Details to Broadcast Setting and Connect […]