How To Change the Player Dimensions on Your Embed Code

Step 1: Choose the Content to Embed To get started, log in to your Dacast account. Find the video you want to embed and click the “Edit” button: Step 2: Find and Copy the Embed Code Navigate to the “Sharing” section under the “General” tab and copy the “Embed Code” with the copy icon:  There […]

Domain Control and Geo-Restrictions for Embedded Video Players

  Video piracy is a huge issue in today’s world that grows more and more digital by the day. With Dacast’s platform, you can implement restrictions on embedded video players that give you more control over your content and greater protection against piracy.  There are two types of restrictions you can apply when you embed […]

Is There a Dacast Chat Feature for Live Streaming?

  Yes, in March 2021 Dacast has partnered with RumbleTalk to provide live chat functionality aside from your Dacast video platform account. Not only is it quick and easy to get started, but you’ll also have access to a full-featured live streaming chat platform that can scale with your business. To learn more, check out […]