How Does Annual Billing Work with Dacast Pricing?

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At Dacast, we offer three main video streaming plans in addition to a custom option for high-volume broadcasters.  Here are the pricing details for each of our plans: 

  • Starter: $39/month but billed annually at $468 (no monthly starter plans available)
  • Event: $63/month but billed annually at $756 (no monthly starter plans available)
  • Scale: $188/month but when billed annually at $2256 instead of $250/month when billed month-to-month

Note that our prices are also indicated in EURO and British Pounds, so you can pay in the currency of your choice. 

As you can see, the Starter and Event plans are billed entirely upfront for the total amount. For example, if you purchase the Starter plan, you will be billed $468 for 12 months of service from that date. You can purchase those plans or review the different features available on each one directly from our pricing page

Also, if you have higher volume broadcasting needs or want to discuss with a representative before committing, you can contact us at any time to help you build a custom plan that fits your enterprise needs. Under the pricing page, you will also find our calculator. Feel free to crunch some numbers with it to help you see the recommended plan based on your streaming needs: 

Annual Billing - Calculator - Pricing Page

If you already have an account with Dacast, you can change or upgrade your plan directly from within your account, which can be found under the “Account” section in the “Upgrade” tab’’. As you can see below, you can select the currency of your choice between USD, EURO, and British Pounds:


How does Dacast charge my account?

Your subscription will automatically renew at the standard pricing and cadence unless you cancel before the end of the billing period.
Dacast will charge you monthly or annually (depending on your plan), on the date you signed up. Charges are billed at the beginning of your billing cycle and may take a few days after the billing date to appear on your account.

If you would like to know your next billing date, current plan, or queued plan, you can visit the Plan section after you sign in and click Account.

If you have any questions regarding our plans or Dacast platform, feel free to contact us at any time via our chat online. Not yet a Dacast user, and interested in trying Dacast risk-free for 30 days? Sign up today to get started.

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