How Long Does it Take to Start Streaming the Dacast Video Platform?

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For most people, it will take around 15-30 minutes for someone to sign up and begin streaming.

This time does not account for setting up broadcasting equipment to a computer and assumes that someone is streaming from an already attached device such as a webcam or a camcorder.

This time estimate does include the process of downloading an encoder as well. However, if another encoder is used then this will require configuration and increase the setup time.

We make sure that the Dacast interface as well as the process, is user-friendly as possible, from the accessibility as well as the support we provide (email and 24×7 chat). The support we provide helps alleviate and speed up the time process for beginners in setting up the whole process. 

Here at Dacast we also ensure that customers have sufficient online support as well, via our Knowledge Base articles and FAQs. These are carefully detailed with explanations, step by step process, and most importantly screenshots so that customers will have an easier time in setting up their stream through their Dacast account.

Still not sure how to start streaming with Dacast? Take a look at this quick video tutorial to discover how to launch a live stream AND upload a video-on-demand:


Any questions or need help/access to this feature? Please contact us.

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