How to Create a Video on Demand (VOD) Platform for Business

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Video on-demand is the new Cable TV – but better.  Many businesses are monetizing their libraries of on-demand video content, from educational courses to fitness training videos and internal resources for new employees. In 2020, video streaming through apps was a $24.1 billion industry in the United States alone. That same market is projected to […]

Comparison of the 10 Best Encoding Software – Everything You Need to Know in 2022

Encoding Software

One essential element for live streaming is functional live stream encoding software (or hardware). It’s a tool that transcodes video from one format to another. Encoder lets you capture video content from a source you previously selected (your webcam, a camera, or phone). Then you can send this content to your online video platform to […]

Video Transcoding: The Best Video Bitrates for Mobile Streaming [2022 Update]

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The ways in which users access online video content from mobile devices have evolved in recent years. When the first iPhone came out, mobile streaming wasn’t possible due to incompatible video players. Even after this issue was resolved by the creation of HTML5 video players, mobile internet speeds continued to pose challenges. Transcoding is a […]

Simulcasting: The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Destination Streaming [2022 Update]


The purpose of broadcasting is to bring video content to your target audience. But what if you could stretch the reach of your broadcast and bring your video to more people? With simulcasting, you can reach larger audiences by broadcasting your content on multiple platforms at the same time. Think beyond your video player. Think […]

Cloud Transcoding: What It Is and Why It’s Important [2022 Update]

cloud transcoding

Online video streaming quality plays a massive role in the viewer experience. Video quality is so essential that OTT broadcasters risk revenue losses of up to 25% when their streaming quality is compromised.       Transcoding and encoding are two essential processes that help broadcasters maintain high-quality streams. Cloud transcoding, in particular, is a newer […]

Video Streaming Costs Breakdown: How Much Does it Cost to Stream?

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Video streaming continues to increase in popularity, with more than 63% of people aged 18-34 watching online video streams regularly. With the continued rise in online video streaming, it makes sense for your business to start producing and streaming video content.  Video content is powerful. Using videos on your website can increase your search traffic […]

Comparison of the 12 Best Enterprise Video Platforms and Essential Features [Updated for 2022]

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Online video content is a powerful tool for businesses for training, internal communication, product releases and demos, advertising, sales pitches, and much more.  Is your business ready to start creating online content? If so, you need to find an enterprise video platform to host your content.  But what features do you need for an enterprise […]

The Ultimate Guide to OTT Technology for Professional Broadcasters in 2022

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Traditional television channels are a thing of the past. People want more options and more control over what they watch. Over-the-top platforms (OTT), where content streams directly over the internet instead of through traditional avenues such as television, have taken over.  Do you have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, or any of the […]

What is the Best Video Codec for Web Streaming? [2022 Update]

Do you know what the best codec is for web streaming? If not, don’t worry; we are here to help you get started with live streaming. Professional online video platforms, such as Dacast, take care of most of the technical side of live streaming for you. However, it is always a good idea to understand […]

What is Live Streaming Technology, and How Does Video Streaming Work?

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Every time you watch a video over the internet, you enjoy the fruits of video streaming technology. Live streaming technology is how videos are streamed over the internet, live, in real-time, as they are being recorded.  Live streaming technology is the internet’s response to live television broadcasts, with the most popular being news shows and […]