HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) – The Pros and Cons and How it Works

HTTP Live Streaming HLS

This blog focuses on HLS, or HTTP Live Streaming, which is one of the most popular protocols used to stream video today. HLS is an adaptive bitrate live streaming video protocol. Originally developed by Apple for use on iOS, Mac OS, and Apple TV devices, HLS has become the most widely used live streaming protocol. […]

Top 10 Live Streaming Platforms for Business [2020 Update]

Live Streaming Platform

When it comes to live video streaming for professional use, there is so much to know.  However, since the top professional-grade live streaming platforms are constantly updating their powerful tools, it is difficult to find reviews and comparisons that include all of the information you need.  For new broadcasters looking to get in the streaming […]

Top 10 Streaming Video Hosting Providers for Professional Broadcasting

streaming video hosting providers

Did you know that 59% of executives have reported that they’d rather consume information through a video as opposed to reading the written text? People have turned streaming video hosting services for news, entertainment, sports, and more so it makes sense that this trend has carried over into the professional realm. Overall, computer users spend […]

Top 7 CDN Providers for HTML5 Live Video Streaming in 2020

CDN Providers

The world is currently undergoing a big change. This change is focused around a lot of businesses working remotely, canceling in-person events and searching for ways to keep in touch with employees and clients through technology. As a business owner, are you now searching for a powerful video streaming solution for delivering OTT content? As […]

7 Best Platforms to Live Stream Your Church Services in 2020

Broadcasting a church

Churches and houses of worship bring people together through the meeting of religion and community. It’s a place where people can find salvation during hard times. Historically, tradition and word-of-mouth have been the way churches have expanded their reach. Today, modern technologies have created new options for getting church services out to those who need […]

Top 10 Live Streaming Solutions for Professional Broadcasters [Updated for 2020]

Live Streaming solutions

The year is 2020 and professionals are using live streaming solutions more than ever before. In fact, video has become a key component of corporate communications, marketing, sales, business development, and beyond while the world transitions to primarily working from home. Whichever industry sector you consider, live streaming is booming. More than 4.6 million people […]

Get Started with Building Your Video On Demand Platform

Dacast streaming solutions

Online video is exploding. If you’re new to the game, the numbers are staggering. For example, video streaming rose 72.4% between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019. And those figures come on top of a 114% increase over the previous year’s period. What’s more, we can expect the same in 2020. Today, it’s clear that any […]

Cloud Video Hosting: What Professional Broadcasters Need to Know

Cloud Video Hosting

More enterprises are moving to the cloud each year. With video content becoming so important, it only makes sense to shift their video hosting and streaming to the cloud as well. That’s why we’re taking a deep dive into cloud video hosting and streaming for broadcasters. More specifically, we’ll take a closer look at what […]

How to Live Stream to Multiple Platforms Simultaneously with Dacast

Stream on Multiple Platform

Even though broadcasting videos on your website through a professional online video platform (OVP) gives you the most control over your video content and live streams, streaming on other platforms comes with its own set of benefits. You likely have followers on Youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms with live streaming functions, so why […]

How to Embed Live Streaming Video on Your Website

embed streaming video iframe code

Thanks to constant developments in video creation and streaming technology, creating and sharing videos is now easier than ever. Recent years have brought an increase in the popularity of video sharing across hundreds of different platforms.  This means that more people are sharing live and on-demand videos regularly. Knowing how to broadcast live and embed […]