How to Choose the Best API for Video Streaming

video streaming API

Any entrepreneur or developer may reach a time when they must make critical decisions. These decisions that can shape their business or product moving forward. Choosing a Video Streaming API is one of these important decision points that should factor into your streaming solutions. The API you choose to integrate live video streaming will influence your […]

Comparing OTT Video Providers: Kaltura, Brightcove & Dacast

OTT video providers

Still a relatively new video distribution approach, Over The Top video (OTT) continues to push the big dogs—cable and broadcast TV—towards the fringes. With Netflix an early adopter of this trend, OTT video providers have exploded in numbers in recent years. Amazon, Apple, and dozens of other major companies have explored this approach. For example, […]

5 Reasons Why Live Streaming Video Is Actually Easier Than You Think

live streaming video

Video has a reputation for being difficult. And live streaming video is no different. After all, it’s a complex topic. I’m an expert, and it still sometimes seems like magic to me. In essence, photons hit a tiny digital sensor and are converted into digital signals. Those signals then pass through cables and via radio […]

The Impact of Live Broadcasting on Media Companies

live broadcasting

Modern media companies are adapting to a rapidly changing landscape. In just a few short years, we’ve seen the decline of traditional and cable TV and a corresponding explosion in online video. Today, live broadcasting, also called live streaming, now plays an important role for many media businesses. In our video-dominant world, streaming live video […]

How to Choose a Paywall for Pay Per View Streaming

pay per view streaming

You may have wondered why you might want a paywall for pay per view streaming? In recent decades, advertising has been the most common video monetization method on the internet by far. According to a Digital TV Research report, advertising revenue will reach $47 billion by 2023. So, why even consider another approach? Well, there’s […]

Streaming Solutions to Broadcast Live Corporate Events

broadcast live corporate events

Corporations of all sorts are increasingly choosing to broadcast live corporate events. Today, live streaming and online video are increasingly essential to a modern business. Whether for product launches, conferences, meetings, and other events, companies of all kinds can do successful live streaming on a website. Our modern, interconnected world relies heavily on video. As […]

Video Monetization: How to Develop a Successful Mobile Video Strategy

video monetization

In today’s world of mobile content streaming, monetization of OTT video content  is more relevant than ever before. In recent years, mobile streaming solutions have drastically changed how we consume video. And today, this trend has no visible end in sight. In fact, we’ve seen a 100+% year-over-year increase among people watching video daily via […]

How to Choose an Online Video Platform for Publishers

Content publishers are increasingly relying on live streaming video as an important tool in their professional toolbox. According to Publishing Executive magazine, “video has become a standard component of the content mix for media brands.” Companies of all sorts, from traditional media, to educational businesses, to entertainment and OTT publishers, stream live video as a […]

6 Video Streaming Software Compatible with your Live Streaming Platform

video streaming software

If you’ve missed the news, we’ve entered a very exciting time for online video. In fact, video is taking over the internet, with users watching more content online than ever before! Live streaming, in particular, helps individuals and businesses alike to build authenticity. And with improved authenticity comes revenue increases, a plus for any product […]