Cloud Video Hosting: What Professional Broadcasters Need to Know

Cloud Video Hosting

More enterprises are moving to the cloud each year. With video content becoming so important, it only makes sense to shift their video hosting and streaming to the cloud as well. That’s why we’re taking a deep dive into cloud video hosting and streaming for broadcasters. More specifically, we’ll take a closer look at what […]

Virtual Graduation Live Streaming: What You Need to Know [2020 Update]

live stream graduation

Schools use live video broadcasting for many things, including remote learning and live streaming of sporting events and theater productions.  Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, high schools and universities have been forced to step into a “new normal” while trying to give graduating seniors the commencement ceremonies they’ve worked hard for. Dacast and other professional […]

Comparing The Top 15 Business Video Hosting Solutions in 2020

Live Video Streaming

Did you know that 53% of enterprises use live streaming for internal use each week?  Even more, businesses are using video content as part of their marketing campaigns since over 80% of consumers report that they’re more interested in watching a live video from a brand than reading an article or a social media post. […]

The Best Tips for Online Video Broadcasting in 2020

online video broadcasting

The popularity of live video broadcasting has been steadily increasing, prompting businesses to bring up the question “what is a video broadcast?”. In the past, getting customers happened through cold calling and radio ads. But, things have changed now and video streaming is now the way of the future. Currently, video broadcasting is one of […]

Top 10 Streaming Video Hosting Providers for Professional Broadcasting

streaming video hosting providers

Did you know that 59% of executives have reported that they’d rather consume information through a video as opposed to reading the written text? People have turned to streaming video hosting services for news, entertainment, sports, and more so it makes sense that this trend has carried over into the professional realm. Overall, computer users […]

Top 10 Live Streaming Platforms: Everything You Need to Know [2020 Update]

Live Streaming Platform

When it comes to live video streaming for professional use, there is so much to know.  However, since a top professional-grade live streaming platform is a very powerful broadcasting tool that solution providers update regularly, it is difficult to find reviews and comparisons that include all of the information you need.  For new broadcasters looking […]

Youtube Live vs Facebook Live Compared to Online Video Platforms

Youtube Live SEO

Today, live video streaming is becoming increasingly mainstream. Websites like YouTube and Facebook have made it easier for anyone with a smartphone to start streaming. The popularity of these apps has normalized the idea of live streaming video. Millions of people are now familiar with this type of content. Major corporations like Facebook and Google (the […]

VOD Streaming – The Premier Content Delivery Strategy

how do cdns work?

Video on demand (VOD) is the future of online content delivery. A recent HubSpot survey revealed that audiences prefer video over all other forms of content including emails, infographics, and blog articles. Another report found year-over-year viewing times on VOD platforms up 155% (with almost 20 minutes spent per session). According to Cisco Systems, the […]

Top 5 Video Streaming Platforms: Everything You Need to Know [2020 Update]

Video Streaming Platform for Live Video Streaming

When it comes to live video streaming, it can be a challenge to know where to start. Before going live, broadcasters need to consider which online video platform (OVP) suits their streaming needs.  With so many video streaming platforms on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. When it […]

Top Video Hosting Sites: A Comparison for 2020

Video Hosting Sites

Video is a key part of many modern businesses. Whether for corporate training, product launch, or broadcasting live conferences, video can be an integral tool for success.  In fact, the global business video market is expected to reach $40.84 billion by 2022. That represents an annual growth rate of more than 20%. This brings us […]