How to Get Started with Video Hosting for Your Business

video hosting for business

Video is a powerful means of communication. Businesses of all kinds can leverage video for training, education, outreach, community building, sales, and marketing. These days, video hosting for business can benefit all kinds of work, companies, and professional endeavors. Most people who get started with video hosting for business begin with a free, consumer-grade platform […]

How To Improve Video Streaming Quality

video streaming quality

Buffering, lag, low resolution. We’ve all experienced these video quality problems as viewers. For professionals and businesses, poor-quality videos can have a negative impact on your brand. To help you create high-quality streams, this post will look at how to improve video streaming quality for all your viewers. Specifically, we’ll discuss what you can do […]

2019 Video Hosting Platform Comparison: 4 alternatives to Wistia

video hosting platform

Online video continues to gain popularity in recent years—and across all age groups! Mobile viewing is a huge factor contributing to this increase in online video consumption. In 2017 alone, the amount of time spent watching online videos on mobile devices increased by an average of 35 percent. Given this trend, more and more businesses […]

Video Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

video marketing strategy

Here at DaCast, we’re in the business of providing video hosting and live streaming solutions. We want our users to succeed, and this blog overall is designed to help our broadcasters do the most successful on-demand and live streaming possible. In this blog post, specifically, we’ll help you to create a video marketing strategy. As […]

Choosing Between Live Streaming Cameras

Choosing Between Live Streaming Cameras

What’s the best camera choice for live streaming? As you might imagine, that’s not a simple question. Live streaming cameras vary widely in quality, price, and the details of how they connect to your system. Some are more flexible than others, some are more user-friendly than others, some provide a higher quality image than others. […]

Streaming Solutions for Broadcasting Online University Courses

streaming solutions for online university courses

Video use in education is booming. It’s been one of the most popular learning technologies for the past several years. This is especially true in higher education, where video is increasingly used in lecture halls. Given this trend, streaming solutions for online university courses have become more important than ever before. At DaCast, we know […]

The Arrival of a New Video Hosting and Live OTT Service

The online video industry is in a state of flux. As technologies mature, the market is reaching a point of saturation. We’ve seen many unique streaming solutions being created in the last few years. And today, new live OTT service providers continue to pop up. However, we’re also seeing the beginnings of an inevitable market […]