How to Do a Twitter Live Stream for Your Video Project

How to Do a Twitter Live Stream for Your Video Project

Interested in how to do a Twitter live stream for your video project? DaCast makes it easy to broadcast live stream content direct to your Twitter feed. Just simply place a line of code into your Tweet and your followers can tune into the live video stream.

How the Twitter Sharecode Works

DaCast is well known for its easy to do Facebook broadcasting capabilities. Mentioned in GigaOM, the New York Times and more, the feature was an early offering of the capability on the social network. DaCast has a similar feature for Twitter.

In short, the feature lets you post a URL-like code on a Twitter feed. When the post is selected, details will expand along with a video player. This capability lets you easily add both live streaming content and on demand videos straight to your feed.

The steps to achieve this are short, sweet and simple:

1. Login or create a DaCast account

2. Either use previously created content (live or on demand) or create something new that you want to share over Twitter

3. Select the desired content and go to PUBLISH SETTINGS

4. On the right side there is a area called “Facebook and Twitter Sharecode”. Copy this.

5. Go to Twitter and compose a new tweet. Paste the “Facebook and Twitter Sharecode” into your tweet. Make sure the message doesn’t cut off due to length.

6. Success!

How Viewers Can Watch on Twitter

Twitter Live Stream for Your Video Project

When someone clicks on the tweet it will offer expanded details and the video will play directly on the social network. This gives your viewers the ability to retweet, share and favorite your Tweet as well.

The great thing about this process is that all the extra features related to DaCast follow you too. This means any player themes established will be included in the Twitter post. So the colors will match what you have setup and watermarks will also carry through.

Unlike Facebook, Pay Per View and Subscription feeds can also be shared easily as well. So if you have a Pay Per View event, using the “Facebook and Twitter Sharecode” will allow enthusiasts to bring attention to it and purchase all from the same window.

Benefits of Broadcasting to Twitter

Share, retweet and promote: stick a hashtag on there and aid people in spreading the word on your venue. Twitter offers a new venue to spread the word on your content. Furthermore, it gives you a chance to add an extra layer of engagement to your streaming.

How to Do a Twitter Live Stream for Your Video ProjectTwitter is a great place to broadcast as the aspect of tweeting and live streaming go hand-in-hand. It’s common for live events, like Apple’s Keynote addresses, to allow fans to whip up a fervor online. Tapping into that, and letting your viewers watch in the same place, is powerful. Viewers can quickly share, keep tabs and give feedback. The feedback can hook other potential viewers, offering a chance for your event to start trending and go viral.

Posting your live or on demand stream to Twitter joins the rank of many ways you can share your video streaming over DaCast.

Twitter Usage Statistics

Twitter is one of the ten largest social networks on the planet.

The service attracts around 100 million users on a daily basis. It has a gigantic user base of around 1 billion users, of which about a fourth are regularly active. On average, Twitter users spend over two hours a month on the social network.

How to Do a Twitter Live Stream for Your Video ProjectYouth does power the social network quite a bit. In fact, 45% of Twitter users are between the ages of 18 to 29. Still, while many might consider it a social network that caters mostly to a younger audience, about 40% of online adults consider themselves regular users. Please note, though, that someone’s definition of a regular user can differ. It can of course both include those who are actively tweeting to an audience, and also those who are more passive and merely reading tweets. It should also be noted that China is excluded from that figure.

If we look at actual usage by adults, focusing on just the United States, we come up with a figure of 23%. In terms of usage, the gender is evenly split.

The Twitter user base is quite broad, to the point it’s hard to stereotype them too much other than that a lot of traffic does come from a younger audience. That means the audience, or the efforts spent to build up a following to garner that audience, is likely well worth the effort.


To be the most successful, especially for live venues where timing is critical, explore all available options. Promotion over Twitter, Facebook and your own site can be beneficial in getting the word out so you can mobilize an audience for your event’s day.

If you feel you have the promotion aspect down, it might be time to take the next step. If you have moved from successful promotion tactics to methods of viewer retention, streaming to Twitter can help with engagement. Check out our webinar for proven tricks to keep your audience interested and hooked for your live streaming projects.

Best Practices for Live Streaming Success

By Anthony Romero.