How to create a low latency html5 channel? (Legacy App)

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    Table of Contents


      Please read carefully the following before creating a low latency channel:

      1/ Low latency channels with Safari

      Our secure low latency streaming solution is working on most of devices and all browsers except Safari desktop (working on Safari mobile for iOS version 10 and below).
      The reason is that we use Akamai’s standard cookie-based token authentication feature to secure our low latency html5 channels and third party cookies are not accepted in Safari desktop and iOS11 and above.

      Solution: you have the possibility to allow 3rd party cookies on Safari.
      Here is how to allow 3rd party cookies on Safari from your Mac:
      1)Click on the Safari-menu in Safari
      2)Click on the Preferences item in the menu – a new window opens
      3)Click on the Security icon near the top of the window.
      4)Under Accept Cookies the Always or Only from sites you navigate to must be selected.
      5)Save changes by clicking Ok
      This will allow you to play your stream

      Here is how to allow 3rd party cookies on Safari from your iOS phone:
      1) Go in your settings section
      2) Click on Safari
      3) In the last section, “Privacy & Security”, turn OFF “Block All Cookies”

      For more details and screenshot, click here.

      2/ Features of low latency channels

      Our low latency html5 channels work exactly like our standard html5 channels. They can be used with all the available features in your DaCast account. However please note the following:

      1) For a free low latency html5 channel there is an expiration of 6 hours.
      => After 6 hours of watching you must refresh your window

      2) For a paying low latency html5 channel, the expiration is the ppv or subscription paywall
      => if you have a ppv giving 1h of access to the video, the stream will stopped after 1h

      3/ Access to low latency channels

      Our low latency html5 streaming solution is available for existing customers who are premium plans and above. If you are on an event plan, please contact us.
      When you use your low latency html5 channels, please make sure they have been created after June 7th, 2017.

      How to create a low latency channel

      1. Login into your DaCast account

      2. Go into the live channel section of your account and click on the orange button CREATE as shown below:
        low latency channel

      3. A window will open itself where you will be able to type the title of your live channel and select its type: html5 or low latency.
        Here you want to select low latency before clicking on CREATE.
        Please see an example below:
        low latency channel

      4. You will have the possibility to select the closest location to your encoder. Please note that by choosing the closest location to your encoder, you will optimize the performance of your stream and should get a latency around 8s (based on in-house testing with a 1500kBps).

      5. Last but not least, if not already, do not forget to turn ON your channel before you start streaming on it.

      Default Live Channels limit

      By default you cannot create more than 20 live channels (all types) in your account.
      If you wish to create more than 20 live channels in your account, this is totally possible, you just need to contact us first.

      How to contact us ?
      – via our 24/7 live chat (directly in your DaCast account)
      – via email (
      – via phone (+1 855 896 9300).


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      Dacast Team

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