How to Set Up Your Account on the Dacast Video Platform

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Today, we’re going to walk you through setting up your Dacast account on our unified streaming platform.

Start by logging into your Dacast account at

Click “Account” on the left sidebar.

Dacast Platform - Settings Account

You will find six different tabs: Plan, Upgrade, Profile, Company, Billing, and Invoices.

Let’s break down some of the most important pieces of information you need to successfully set up your Dacast account.


Dacast_Account_Setup - Plan

The purpose of the “Plan” tab is to show you how much data you have available for streaming.

This tab of your Dacast account does not require much attention from you unless you want to enable playback protection or purchase additional data.


Dacast_Account_Setup - Upgrade

If you want to upgrade your Dacast plan to one that is more inclusive in terms of features and data available, you can do so under the “Upgrade” tab of the Dacast back office.

This tab offers a full comparison of available plans


Dacast_Account_Setup - Profile

Under the “Profile” tab of your Dacast account, you’ll be prompted to share some basic information about your business. 

Fill in necessary details about your basic personal preferences. Please pay extra close attention to the “Timezone” box because this will be very important going forward.

Click “Save” once your info has been entered.


Dacast_Account_Setup - Invoices

The invoice tab gives you the ability to review all of your invoices on Dacast. Access the reference number, date, total, and status of each invoice. 

You have the option to download and print documents right from this portal. 

Company Information

Dacast_Account_Setup - Company

Click “Company” to add additional information about your brand.

Upload a logo to be used as your “default” logo. You can change your logo by uploading a new one. This logo can be used for watermarks when customizing your player. 

Please click “Save” once you’ve entered your info.

Billing Information

Dacast_Account_Setup - Billing information

You can update your payment method under the “Billing” tab. Again, always remember to click “Save” after making changes.

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