Integrate your ad network directly from your account dashboard (Legacy App)

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Ads insertion made easy

A wide variety of ad servers and ad networks can now be used directly with your Dacast player. Simply use your server or ad network account credentials and set this up in your Dacast account!

1/ Compatibility

Dacast’s default player now can support Pre-Roll ads using any VAST 2 and VAST 3, VPAID, VMAP ad networks and ad servers (as well as Double Click).

You can directly insert an ads link using the account dashboard and your embedded player will automatically include the new ads

2/ How to use ads insertion on your account

Option 1 – Per content

1/ Under publish settings in the content of your choice

2/ Add the ad url from your ad server or ad network

ads insertion

3/ Click on preview to make sure the ad has been inserted correctly – If an error has occurred, you will see an error message on the preview as shown below – (tip: clear your cached image and files)

ads insertion

4/ Click save


Option 2 – On several contents at the same time (batch mode)


1/ Select the contents on which you want to see advertisements

2/ On your dashboard for the type of content, click on “Set Ad URL to multiple content” on the batch configuration

ads insertion

3/ Add the ad URL from your ad server

ads insertion

4/ Verify each content was set up correctly by clicking on Preview –  If an error has occurred, you will see an error message as shown above – (Tip: clear your cached image and files)

4/ Click save

NOTE: Ads do NOT work with ads blockers enabled

3/ I cannot access the feature, why?

Premium plan, Enterprise plans and Events > 10 TB can access this feature.

Any questions or you want to access this feature? Please contact us.

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