Impressions Exceeding Plays: Audience Analytics

With the New Platform video analytics solution, we have 3 parameters to measure audience.

Plays – known for some of you also as hits. This is the number of new playback sessions, meaning that counts multiple play button hits even by one viewer, refresh if the player is in autoplay mode, switch between tabs/app during the playback. Plays is the number of times viewers clicked “play” on your video.

Impressions – you might remember it as visitors. How many times the player was loaded, the overall number of times your video player is displayed to your viewers, even if people don’t click “Play”

So even if it is offline if someone clicks Play, it will reflect on the graph. If they also refresh and try on another tab/window, even if offline it will reflect as an Impression.

And last but not least Unique Viewers – This is the number of individuals who watch your videos, no matter how many times they played it, no matter how many times they just refresh the page or load it in another tab.  You can view these stats hourly across a 7 day period and the data usage is displayed as well for each live stream keeping you posted as to how much bandwidth you consumed per stream.  When it is time to export your reports there are two options: xls. and CSV.

Any questions or need help/access to this feature? Please contact us.

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Jose Guevara

Jose is a part of the Dacast Customer Onboarding team and started working with the company in 2016. He has vast experience in customer service/engagement and live streaming support.