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Video analytics is a very powerful tool for broadcasters. They give broadcasters the ability to see how viewers are interacting and responding to their videos, which allows them to better tailor their content to connect with their target audience.

However, there is a bit of jargon used in many website analytics platforms, so not all terms used in the context of analytics are self-explanatory. 

This guide will explain the meaning of some common analytics related video terminology that Dacast uses so you know exactly what data you’re looking at, as well as how it should be interpreted.

Dacast’s Glossary of Website Analytics Definitions

Concurrent Users

The number of people viewing your content at the same time


A Live Stream or Video on Demand asset


How long viewers watched for, i.e. how engaged they were. For example, 75% of viewers watched at least 30 seconds.


An “Impression” is when a video player loads but the content doesn’t start playing, usually because autoplay is off and the viewer could see the video but chose not to play it

Play Time

The amount of time a piece of content was played; also expressed as a “Duration”


A “Play” is when content is actually played, as opposed to an “Impression”


The amount of money generated by paywall sales, minus fees (i.e. your actual revenue)


The number of times a piece of content was sold. (i.e. Revenue = Sales x Price)


A “Viewer” is an actual person who is viewing content and may have multiple “Plays” and “Impressions”

Video Terminology Updates

This glossary of Website Analytics Definitions will be updated with new video terminology on a regular basis, so please bookmark this post to see all the new analytics terms we will be adding to this page.

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