7 Best Live Streaming Solutions for Your Church

Broadcasting a church

Churches and houses of worship bring people together through the meeting of religion and community. Historically, tradition and word-of-mouth have been popular methods for expanding a church’s reach. Today, however, modern technologies have created new options for outreach, networking, and content distribution. Over the past decade, in fact, live streaming services have brought the new potential to church and other religious services.

Of course, two obvious benefits of live streaming solutions for churches include boosting audience size and reaching new people!  Live broadcasts allow church-goers to “attend” sermons and parish events remotely from around the world. Likewise, locals who are unable to attend in person can “attend” from the comfort of their own homes. For more insight into the various use cases of live streaming for your church, check out this guide on how and why to use a church streaming service.

In this article, we’ll review and rank seven popular live streaming services for churches and other worship centers. We’ll base our comparison of church live streaming solutions on the features of each unique platform. After reading, we do hope you’ll consider giving the Dacast platform (or free trial) a try. However, our goal is to provide you with the information and tools you need to decide which of these live streaming services best suits your religious or spiritual community.

The Benefits of Live Streaming Services

Broadcasting a religious service offers many benefits for churches. For example, these include the ability to:

  • Reach members who are sick or injured, too old to make it in person, or have a disability that makes it difficult to travel.
  • Reach members who are traveling and want to continue to participate in their own faith community.
  • Extend your reach beyond your local community and help people to connect with one another.
  • Create a live stream of your sermon or broadcast a private event for members of your congregation who cannot attend.
  • Record your live streams and make them available as video on demand. This is also a great way to lock in the experience of each event forever. It allows people who missed the live event to watch it later on their own time.

That said, what if you’re not sure what’s out there in terms of live streaming services for churches and other places of worship? Not to worry–we’ve got you covered!

With that context in mind, let’s dive into comparing seven qualified and affordable live streaming services. First up, we’ll take a look at our own online video platform.

Top 7 Live Streaming Services for Religious Services

1. Dacast

dacast live video streaming solution for churches

Price range:

  • Starter Plan: $19/month (includes 100 GB of bandwidth & 20 GB of storage)
  • Premium Plan: $125/month* (includes 2,000 GB of bandwidth & 200 GB of storage)
  • Enterprise Plan: $289/month (includes 5,000 GB of bandwidth & 500 GB of storage)

For more details, please visit our pricing page.

Features: *All plans include


Set at a competitive price point, the Dacast streaming platform offers a feature-rich and comprehensive service for small to larger congregations and services. Smaller churches with smaller bandwidth needs will prefer the Starter Plan ($19/month). It includes the same great features as larger churches on the Premium Plan. Also, note that not all OVPs offer such a starter or basic plan at lower rates.

Additionally, Dacast makes it easy to learn, test, set up and start streaming, which is helpful for first-time broadcasters.  Our OVP offers full video API access and monetization tools with secure video upload capabilities as well. With these features, you can charge viewers through pay-per-view streaming or subscription-based payments to raise money or to cover special event costs.

All Dacast plans include access to Akamai, the largest CDN in the world. With Akamai, your viewers can watch your stream from all over the world by connecting a server closest to them. The Akamai CDN powers some of the largest companies, including Air BnB and Charles Schwab. This top-tier CDN automatically switches servers when one server becomes congested with traffic, meaning that viewer surges won’t compromise your video quality.

2. Streamingchurch.tv

streaming church tv dashboard

Price range: 

  • Basic Plan $79/month
  • Premium Plan $127/month

After accessing the one-month free trial, all plans include a one time $79 activation fee and unlimited bandwidth (except for 24/7 broadcast ministries).


  • Live streaming of your event
  • Ad-free
  • Facebook and Twitter compatible
  • Mobile device and Roku compatible
  • Moderated Chat
  • Map of who’s attending
  • Integrated sermon notes

Note that Video-on-demand (VOD), Ultra HD streaming, adaptive bitrate, and simulated live service features are available only on the Premium plan.


Streamingchurch.tv promotes many “church-specific” features, including sermon notes and a map of church attendees simulating a live service. The Map feature shows everyone in attendance and also groups them into a moderated chat, where individuals can discuss aspects of the sermon. The Integrated Sermon Notes let you follow along as the sermon takes place, ensuring you don’t miss a moment.

Streamingchurch.tv does offer both live and VoD streaming (only for premium plans). In addition, this OVP offers embedding options to stream live video (similar to Dacast). One significant drawback for some congregations is that Streamingchurch.tv does not stream content over a CDN. This can lead to poor video quality when there is a large congregation of viewers watching your broadcast.

3. SundayStreams

sundaystreams dashboard


  • The first plan is $49/month (includes 250 GB of bandwidth & 100 GB of storage)
  • The second plan is $79/month (includes 1,000 GB of bandwidth & 300 GB of storage)


  • Ad-free
  • Embed on your website
  • Phone and email support
  • Facebook and Twitter compatible
  • Broadcast 24/7
  • Mobile compatibility and customizable phone apps
  • Analytics dashboards


Sunday Streams is another option among live streaming services devoted to churches and sermon. Their set of features includes the most basic features offered by an online video platform, such as a fully adaptive player and Google Analytics integration to access real-time analytics.

Sunday Streams has a good reputation for responding within 24 hours of a customer reaching out for support via email. However, if you want the guarantee of 24/7 customer support, you’ll want to consider other live streaming services. This option does offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, which you can learn more about here.

The greatest strength of Sunday Streams is its simplicity and ability to reach novice broadcasters.

4. ChristianWorldMedia

christian world media

Price range:

  • $15/month for 35 simultaneous viewers per live event and 1.5MB maximum video bitrate
  • $35/month for 50 simultaneous viewers per live event and 2.5MB maximum video bitrate
  • $59/month for 200 simultaneous viewers per live event and 4.5MB maximum video bitrate


  • $15/month Plan:
    • 24/7 streaming
    • Roku compatible
    • Online Bible integration
    • Social media integration
  • With the $35/month plan you will also get access to:
    • 50GB of storage
    • Compatible with Roku
    • Live site/online campus webpage
    • Email support
  • $59/month Plan (includes all previous features plus):
    • 100 GB of storage
    • Social Media direct sharing
    • Live Recording
    • Phone support
  • $199/month Plan (includes all previous features plus):
    • unlimited storage
    • adaptive live transcoding
    • 50 concurrent live viewers (per event)


ChristianWorldMedia offers relatively affordable pricing and a lot of flexibility, making it a good option to consider for smaller churches and congregations. With three different pricing options below $60/month, even small religious communities can afford to stream with this platform. The online Bible integration feature can be very useful as well.

However, you’ll need to verify before committing to this option that low viewer and video quality limits won’t be an issue for your live church events.

5. TruthCasting

sunday church service


TruthCasting tiers its pricing around the number of congregation members, or on the average weekly on-site attendance.

  • Churches under 100 members: $25/month
  • 101-500 members: $50/month
  • 501-1000 members: $75/month
  • 1001-2000 members: $100/month
  • 2001-3000 members: $200/month
  • Over 3,000 members: Custom Pricing


  • Ad-free
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Embed code to stream live video on your website
  • Phone support
  • Live recording
  • Compatible with all platforms, including iPhones and iPads


In terms of live streaming services, TruthCasting offers many features for live streaming all of your church-related events. As shown above, the pricing stems from how many members you have on-site, rather than the features you need. No matter how many members, as long as you do not exceed your number limit, you have access to all of TruthCasting’s available features.

However, this OVP does offer good quality support. In addition, they host their services with Amazon’s Web Services. If you have questions about their CDN, check out our live streaming cdn comparison.

6. MyChurchWebsite.com

my church website


  • $49/month (Starter plan): 250GB of bandwidth and 100GB of storage
  • $79/month (Plus plan, targeted HD broadcasting): 1000GB of bandwidth and 300GB of storage


  • Ad-free
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Social network integration
  • Live Recording
  • Analytics


In reality, MyChurchWebsite is a high-end website design company for churches. In addition, this platform offers video live streaming services. For example, one of their specialties is offering customizable mobile apps for your church. Once you purchase them, you can display these apps in iTunes and Google Play. This is available for an additional $290, and iTunes and Google Play must approve your app.

Like Streamingchurch.tv, MyChurchWebsite does not offer any partnership with a top-tier CDN. It also doesn’t offer 24/7 support. These are important factors to consider, as you’ll have no ability to reach out for support outside of business hours in the case of buffering or other issues.

7. Vimeo (Livestream)

vimeo's live streaming platform dashboard


  • Premium Plan: $75 / month (billed annually, $199/month billed month-to-month)
  • Enterprise Plan:  starting at $999/month, business-focused


  • Premium (*no longer offers a Basic plan as of 2020):
    • Live embedding
    • Ad-free
    • Live chat with moderation
    • Plays on Facebook & Twitter
    • Tracking & analytics
    • Telephone customer support
    • Studio – Live production switcher
  • Enterprise (includes basic features plus the following):
    • White labeling
    • Unlimited channels
    • Paywall
    • Password protected events
    • Embeddable player
    • Advertising + monetization


As you may know, Vimeo is another live streaming service available to churches and other places of worship. Vimeo targets those with larger budgets, offering high-end features and customization options for churches that are willing and able to pay. The price point and limited plan options, however, don’t make it ideal for most churches.

First of all, after Vimeo acquired Livestream in 2017, the platform eliminated its Basic Plan offering. If you want to embed your church’s services onto your own website, you need to consider the Premium plan. However, that plan starts at $199 per month (billed month-to-month). In other words, the Vimeo platform is likely inaccessible for the average church or religious organization.

Vimeo does offer streaming over a CDN, which is important for large-scale broadcasts streaming around the world. A global CDN can provide quality live streaming services to large audiences viewing the broadcast simultaneously.


In short, there are many viable live streaming services with church-specific features. These live streaming services enable houses of worship of all sizes to stream your church service online and broadcast content to new and long-standing members. Of course, feel free to do your own research as well. For example, you might also want to look at Streamchurch as well, another great alternative.

In addition, pay close attention to the live streaming CDN when making your OVP decision. A good quality CDN (like Akamai) helps to ensure the best performance during your live stream. Furthermore, we know from experience that 24/7 customer support is essential. In particular, this is key for live events during the weekend and after business hours.

Finally, we recommend taking advantage of the free trials offered by most live streaming services! If you’d like to give Dacast a try, you can start now with our 30-day free trial (no credit card required). Among other benefits to the Dacast platform, we offer high-end features (e.g. video hosting) at affordable rates.  Whatever your goals, we’re here to help you find the right plan for your church’s needs and budget. Just click the button below to start streaming live with Dacast!


For regular tips on live streaming, you’re also invited to join our LinkedIn group.

Thanks for reading, and happy streaming!

By Max Wilbert.

7 thoughts on “7 Best Live Streaming Solutions for Your Church

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  2. Terry Broadstreet says:

    We just started a trial with Streamspot, which we talked with at WFX, and we like their service thus far. The prices seem very well for the feature set you receive.

  3. Greig Hess says:

    hmmmm – did you guys really write this article that names yourself as the best service? I could be wrong but it appears that way. The article is written like an unbiased comparison of services. Understandably you should probably believe that your product is the best and is worth people investing in but this makes me skeptical!

    • DaCast says:

      Thank you reading us Greig!
      There is no such thing as a best paywall. Our solution is very convenient for people on a small budget as long as our features fit their needs.
      We tried to present the facts in an informative and helpful way. Many of our customers are using 3rd party solutions and they are very happy too.
      Best, Romain @ DaCast.

  4. Chase says:

    If you are trying to find a good streaming website and not for a bunch of money and that’s affordable, would your’s really be all that good as i’ve seen. Also does your website for dacast really have 24/7 support so that if i needed help with it what would i do to go about getting to you for the support, is it like you text someone and they text you back right away kind of like apple has support or do you have to call or something or support. And if you pay for it and don’t like it but did the trial and did like it would you be able to cancel the payment/subscription at any time, and if so would it end up being like once you pay for the month and if you decide not to pay for the next payment would it go to the end of the month or stop right there.


    • Elise Furon says:

      Hey Chase,
      When you need to contact 24/7 support : you just go in your dacast account or on our website, and you can chat live with our support team, at anytime.
      If you are on a Premium plan or above, you can call our dedicated support team 24/7.
      If you purchase an account with us and change your mind, you can cancel at anytime but we won’t refund the original amount. This is why we offer a 30 days free trial so you have time to try all the features and monthly subscriptions so you can cancel at anytime (once you cancel, you do not pay for the next recurring payment).
      If you want more details, you can call our sales team at anytime here : +1 855 896 9300
      I hope I answered your questions and, in the meantime, I wish you an excellent week.

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