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How to Choose Online Video Hosting for Professional Broadcasting

dacast video hosting platform

In the past few years, video streaming has completely upended the world of broadcasting. Many industries are finding ways to use professional broadcasting and online video hosting to support their goals. Businesses are using live video streaming for everything from simple product demos and to large-scale live events.  Today, we’ll take a look at what a video […]

Content Delivery Networks: What is the Difference Between a CDN and an eCDN?


  Distributing video content can be challenging. Files are large, bandwidth needs are high, and viewers demand smooth, high-quality video. This is where Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) come in. This blog will look at Content Delivery Networks in some details. Specifically, we’re going to look at the difference between CDNs and eCDNs. An eCDN is […]

How to Video and Stream Graduation Ceremonies

stream graduation

The spring season always brings another class of students graduating from schools of all types. For many people, this season marks the end of a long journey, an incredible effort, and a turning point in life. For students and their families, everything afterward will be different from what came before. Of course, most schools mark […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Long Form Video Content

long form video

Online video content is becoming more and more important in the professional world. The uses for this medium are endless.  When business owners think of incorporating video in their operations and marketing strategies, many automatically jump to the shorter videos that you see on social media. However, long form video content is consistently on the […]

Success Story: How Studeo Group Has Revolutionized Marketing with Immersive Streaming

Studeo Immersiv Video

Studeo Group is a creative agency in Italy that specializes in interactive brand and product content. Their mission is to embrace technological evolution and to experiment with new communication models. The agency’s core business is the creation of experiential spaces and multimedia exhibits geared towards sensory and emotional involvement. This agency was founded in 2015 […]