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Upgrade to Dacast HTML5 Player Framework

HTML5 player

  When people watch your videos, you don’t want them to think about the video player. You just want it to work. A modern online video player should be fast, feature-rich, and compatible with any device. And that’s just what you get with Dacast’s HTML5 player. In this post, we’re excited to announce our new […]

Graduation Ceremonies Being Broadcast Live Online

broadcast live online

  No matter the context, a graduation ceremony is a noteworthy event. Graduation represents the culmination of years of effort, hard work, and dedication on the part of students. As such, the people involved in these students’ lives want to be part of graduation ceremonies as well. And those who know how to broadcast live […]

Important Encoder Settings for Your Live Stream

Encoder Settings

Being able to stream live video over the Internet is a complex technical endeavor. It requires a good understanding of a number of working parts. That’s why our blog is here – to help you understand these systems so you can make the right choices when it comes time to make an important broadcast. The […]

How to Live Stream Conferences and Virtual Meetings [2021 Update]

conference live streaming

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced conference organizers across the globe to postpone their events, sometimes indefinitely. And with the predicted resurgence in infections during the winter months, businesses are faced with the decision of whether to wait until they can host conferences in person again or to change tactics completely. With live streaming software, organizers […]

11 Solutions for Streaming Video in 2019

Solutions for Streaming Video

  As you’re likely aware, we’re living through a digital revolution. In particular, traditional TV is declining, while the online streaming video has become a central part of our culture. Today, about one-third of online time is spent watching videos. With that context in mind, this article will review some of the top solutions for […]