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15 Live Streaming Trends You Need to Know in 2021

live streaming trends

Live streaming has played a major role in many aspects of life over the past year. It has helped keep things afloat as the world navigated an unusual situation. Live streaming technology has pushed us towards a prosperous new “normal” that harnesses the benefits of the online world and streamlines regular functions and operations. In […]

Success Story: How Grupo PetraGold is Bringing the Arts to Life with Online Video

Teatro Petra gold logo - 900x623p

PetraGold is a financial solution company that sells a variety of financial products and services to both businesses and consumers. They’ve been in the market since 2008, so they’ve built quite the reputation in their local markets in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.  PetraGold has a subsidiary called Teatro PetraGold that focuses on artistic […]

Live Commerce: How eCommerce Businesses Can Improve Sales with Video Streaming

live commerce

Over the past several years, the internet has become more accessible and online paywalls have become more secure. These technological improvements coupled with a growing realization of the convenience of online shopping have led to the rapid growth of eCommerce. The eCommerce business model has proven to be a success because it accommodates shoppers by […]

How to Choose Online Video Hosting for Professional Broadcasting

dacast video hosting platform

In the past few years, video streaming has completely upended the world of broadcasting. Many industries are finding ways to use professional broadcasting and online video hosting to support their goals. Businesses are using live video streaming for everything from simple product demos and to large-scale live events.  Today, we’ll take a look at what a video […]