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Introduction to Video Collaboration for Professionals

video collaboration

Video is becoming more and more important in the professional space. It is used for both internal communication and connecting with an external audience. Teams in all different industries are working together to incorporate videos in their operations. Unfortunately, the bulkiness of video files requires makes remote collaboration difficult without the proper support system. That’s […]

OTT Video Monetization: The Ultimate Guide for Professional Broadcasters [2021 Update]

OTT Video Monetization

Over-the-top (OTT)  video is the biggest trend in professional content delivery. By the millions, people are ditching their cable subscriptions and moving to online content delivery.  Millions of Americans are “cutting the cord,” meaning won’t subscribe to a cable by next year. Instead, they are accessing video content, including movies, television series, documentaries, news, and […]

Comparing the Top 5 Chroma Key Software For Live Streaming [2021 Update]

chroma key compositing

Chroma key compositing is the process that professional broadcasters use to incorporate two separate videos or media files into one final stream. Typically, this is used with a green screen or something similar. It can be useful for all kinds of broadcasts, including when you want to stream live video on your website directly via […]

Video Resolution – The Ultimate Guide to Display Resolution for Broadcasters

video resolution

“Resolution” is a term that is thrown around a lot in the video streaming world. Consumers often associate “high-resolution” or “high-definition” with stellar video quality, and in a sense, they are right. However, video resolution is more than that. It is actually an important measurement in online broadcasting that can be manipulated to optimize the […]

Introduction to Professional Video Hosting Solutions

Professional Video Hosting Solutions

  As you may know already, social networks are the biggest platforms for sharing video. However, these platforms are not very professional. For that reason, more and more businesses and other professional users are choosing private video hosting solutions for their content. In this article, we’ll provide an introduction to these professional video hosting services, […]