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Can I Use Local Video Ads with Dacast Monetization?

Yes, you may use local video ads with Dacast’s monetization tools as long as you have your own ad network.  In case you’re not familiar, an ad network is a third party platform or business that connects companies that want to run ads with content creators that want to monetize their sites with ads. Essentially, […]

Server-Side Ad Insertion: Avoiding Ad Blockers for Video Monetization

Server-Side Ad Insertion

In the video streaming industry, video monetization is an important tool. There are three main monetization methods but due to the increasing use of ad-blockers, revenue from ad-based monetization is taking a hit. A server-side ad insertion is a tool that professional broadcasters use to work around ad-blockers to keep their ad-revenue at its maximum […]

What is “Video Autoplay” Listed Under Publish Settings?

“Video Autoplay” is a setting that makes your video play automatically whenever someone visits a web page that has the player embedded on it. If the content is monetized with either pay-per-view or subscription and is behind a paywall, the viewer will need to have already paid and be logged in for it to play […]