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Beyond YouTube: Enterprise Video Hosting vs. Free Video Platforms

Enterprise Video Hosting

Video is the fastest growing medium of communication today. Over the past couple of years, many enterprises have caught onto this trend.  The enterprise video platform market is expected to grow at an annual average rate of +18% from 2018 to 2026. Moreover, experts predict this market will reach $915 million by 2026. Video serves […]

Top Benefits of Video Ad Monetization—And How to Get Started

Video Ad Monetization

  In recent years, more and more businesses have chosen to monetize their videos via advertising. This is especially common for media and entertainment companies. It’s a smart move! Video ad monetization on OTT content distributed via smart TVs alone is expected to hit $44.2 billion by 2022. Given this growing trend, this blog post […]

AVOD: The Definitive Guide to Ad-Based Video on Demand

AVOD ad-based on demand video monetization

Video content plays many roles in the professional world. Some businesses and organizations use videos for sales and marketing, and others use it to host remote events or training sessions. Since trends in online video streaming are on the rise, many businesses and professional content creators are monetizing on-demand videos. There are a few types […]

How to Create an Effective Video Content Strategy for Your Brand

video content strategy

There are dozens of routes to go with digital marketing, but video content marketing has proven effective for so many business owners. Videos allow you to bring your content to life in a unique way. It gives viewers an experience that feels more interactive. Photos and written content are great, but videos offer a more […]

Improving Your Business Continuity Plan With Video and Live Streaming

Business Continuity Plan

A strong business continuity plan is essential in today’s world. The COVID-19 outbreak of 2020 has proven that. We all knew it was coming, but the effects on business (and daily living) caught nearly everyone by surprise.  Organizations now find themselves scrambling to set up remote teams and adjust to work from home environments. While […]