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The Ooyala Online Video Platform Is Shutting Down. What Are Your Options?


In February 2019, Brightcove announced that it was acquiring the Ooyala online video platform. This $15 million deal brought together two major players in the OTT solutions and video hosting industry. Now, current customers of the Ooyala online video platform face a bad situation. Brightcove is pulling the plug on Ooyala completely. In fact, Ooyala will […]

5 Success Stories for Marketing Your Business Using a Video Hosting Solution

video hosting solution

  Here at Dacast, we’ve worked with thousands of customers in all sorts of different industries. Despite their differences, all of them have sought a business video hosting solution that can help their work to succeed. Whether in education, sales, sports, government, banking, or something else, professionals need a video hosting manager with certain basic […]

Video Monetization: Alternatives to YouTube to Earn Money from Video

  Online video is a huge opportunity for businesses. What used to be the exclusive domain of television is now widely accessible. Cord-cutting is hitting record-setting levels as consumers acknowledge the end of TV. On-demand platforms, as well as linear live streaming, are now replacing traditional more and more. Recognizing this, businesses are shifting their […]

7 Video Monetization Platforms to Boost Your OTT Video Content

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  As media viewing increasingly shifts from TV to the internet, cord-cutting is becoming dominant. In particular, traditional broadcast media is increasingly shifting to “OTT” (Over-The-Top) content. In this model, it’s the internet that’s delivering media to viewers. For example, research shows that the video streaming industry is will experience revenue growth of 7% in […]

Comparing The Best OTT (Over-The-Top) Video Streaming Platforms

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Still, a relatively new video distribution approach, Over The Top video (OTT) continues to push the big dogs—cable and broadcast TV—towards the fringes. With Netflix an early adopter of this trend, OTT video providers have exploded in numbers in recent years. Amazon, Apple, and dozens of other major companies have explored this approach. For example, […]