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2020 Video Streaming Solutions Comparison: YouTube Live, Livestream/Vimeo, and Dacast


  Starting a few years ago, young millennials (ages 14-25) began watching more video on digital devices than on television. That was a watershed moment for the streaming video industry, and that momentum continues today. Digital video is the rising star of the entertainment world, and video streaming solutions are an integral part of that boom. This […]

The Arrival of a New Video Hosting and Live OTT Service

Video Hosting and Live OTT Service

The online video industry is in a state of flux. As technologies mature, the market is reaching a point of saturation. We’ve seen many unique streaming solutions being created in the last few years. And today, new live OTT streaming service providers continue to pop up. However, we’re also seeing the beginnings of inevitable market […]

Success Story: How Motoraty Use Video to Provide Millions of Car Buyers Expert Advice

motoraty case study

  Wondering what car you should buy? From where? And how much is reasonable to pay? Motoraty compiles credible, easy-to-understand information from consumers and car experts to help people make informed car-buying decisions. Founded in 2013, the company has provided over 3 million car buyers with invaluable pricing information, reviews, comparison tools, and unbiased editorial […]

Top 5 Online Video Platforms for 2019

online video platform top 5 comparison

As you’re likely aware, mass media is in the midst of a revolution. A key element in this is the proliferation of the online video platform. Starting in 2015, millennials ages 14-25 began watching more digital video than television. In recent years, these trends have only accelerated. Today, almost two-thirds of people ages 18-34 watch […]