Can I Use Geo-Restrictions to Restrict Live Stream Viewers?

Yes, Dacast allows users to add geo-restrictions: restrict access to their live streams to specific countries if needed. 

You can create lists of countries that are allowed to access your content. This bans viewers from outside of these specified nations.

To enable geo-restrictions, login and go to “Settings” on the left sidebar, then click “Security.”

If you don’t have one already created, click “Add Group” under the “Geo-Restriction” section. This will launch the screen below.

Dacast Geo-Restrictions to Restrict Live Stream Viewers

Give your group a name. This way, you can save it as a preset geo-restriction group and use it for videos or other content if needed. 

Then, select from a list of countries. The countries you select will be the only ones from where viewers will be granted access to watch your videos.

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