Why You Need an OTT Platform for Sports Broadcasting

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We’re in the middle of a broadcasting revolution. Although sports broadcasting is still made for TV, increasing numbers of people are watching sporting events through on-demand video. With this fast-paced switch in consumer watch habits, which includes more people watching on mobile devices, sports streaming via OTT sports platforms are on the rise.

With an OTT (over-the-top) platform, sports fans can tune in for their sports entertainment anywhere, any time. Those in sports are quickly catching on to the reality that the future of video consumption is in live streaming and broadcasting. What’s more, broadcasting sports online enables content producers new avenues for monetization.

If you’re thinking about stepping into sports OTT, you’re in good hands. We’ve covered why using a sports OTT platform is a must today and all the important aspects of choosing the best platforms and services. By the end, you’ll know the benefits of sports streaming and how to choose the best sports OTT platform.

Table of Contents

  • What Is an OTT Platform?
  • Why Broadcast Sports Over a Live Stream?
  • How to Choose the Best Sports OTT System
  • Which OTT Platform is Best for Sports?
    • Viral
    • Sportsradar
    • NAGRA
  • Host & Stream Your Sports Broadcast With Dacast’s OTT Platform
  • Final Thoughts
  • FAQs About Sports OTT Platforms

What Is an OTT Platform?

OTT platforms provide superior direct-to-consumer video content on demand. As traditional television viewership continues to dwindle, OTT platforms are opening up the airwaves for sports media to stream, broadcast, and distribute more video than ever. Even if you’ve never heard of OTT before, you’ve almost certainly heard of and probably use an OTT service.

You’re likely familiar with or have at least one subscription to an OTT platform or service. Big players such as Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu make up the majority of the industry. Digital TV research predicts revenue from films and television in the OTT industry will nearly double in the next four years from $106 billion in 2020 to $210 billion.

Streaming and broadcasting through OTT platforms and services are the future of video consumption. OTT platforms enable well-known major companies, small businesses, and independents’ direct-to-consumer streaming and monetization. OTT platforms and services democratize the streaming and broadcasting of live content. And they can be a launching pad for anyone to earn large revenues.

Why Broadcast Sports Over a Live Stream?

OTT platforms provide superior direct-to-consumer video content on demand.
Broadcasting sports over a live stream is crucial for maximizing viewers and revenue.

There are a plethora of strong reasons for broadcasting sports over a live stream. One major factor is fewer numbers of sports fans are willing to venture out to watch live sporting events in person today. This factor was already on the rise but was accelerated by the pandemic.

Further, increasing numbers of high-end sports contracts are being signed with OTT services. For example, Premier League Football’s signing with Amazon. Sports fans the world over from Europe to Latin America are expecting live games to be broadcasted today. Seeing as this trend of sports streaming is rising exponentially, it’s wise to begin broadcasting sports over a dedicated sports OTT platform and reap the rewards that traditional cable broadcasting doesn’t offer.

Giving your masses of fans the option of live sporting events through direct-to-consumer broadcasting is now crucial for maximizing viewers and revenue. In light of that, here are some of the main reasons why broadcasting sports over a live stream is a great idea.

Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device

One of the great benefits of broadcasting sports over a live stream is that it gives sports fans the benefit of being able to watch from anywhere at any time on any device. With live sports streaming via a broadcast, sports fans can watch live sports events and live matches from their computer at home or their tablet on the go. In an increasingly mobile and remote world, providing customers with these on-demand services has become a necessity for maximal viewership.

This opens up a new realm of possibilities that weren’t available by traditional means. For example, the ability to access content anywhere at any time can take small and local events onto the global scene. A small sports event that would normally only have the capacity for a couple of hundred people and be broadcast on a relatively unknown TV station can now be accessed by great numbers of people. This is exposure and scaling at its best. Broadcasting sports over a live stream through an OTT platform allows even local sports teams to open themselves up to a new, dedicated fanbase that wants to tune in and see them play.

Rewatch Sports Events Again and Again

Broadcasting sports over a live stream enables sports fans the luxury of watching their favorite sports games again and again. This is because although live streaming allows people to watch sports entertainment in real time, the video content is still available after the event.

This simple part-and-parcel feature of live-streaming services can have a great effect on revenue. This is because if you enable advertising on your sports broadcast then whenever a customer rewatches an event the ads run again. Further, with this content, broadcasters can repurpose the content. Social media clips and showcase highlights are just two options. This means more exposure, more followers and more revenue.

More Revenue Opportunities

With the popularity of live sporting events via broadcasts rising, more revenue opportunities are possible. Sponsorships and paid advertising are two key methods in which live streaming can be extremely beneficial for revenue.

Since the democratization of video media, live streaming is increasingly affordable. With a sponsor, sports fans get the content they crave while costs are largely covered. Sports clubs and advertisers alike receive more exposure with live streaming. Further, live broadcasting provides the option of broadcasting sports events on demand through media channels of your choice. YouTube, Facebook, or a personal website – all these options and more are available with live streaming.

How to Choose the Best Sports OTT System

OTT platforms are one of the fastest-growing digital entities today. Statista predicts revenue generated in the OTT video sector will hit $275.30 billion worldwide by 2023. In light of where the market is heading, getting yourself off on the right foot with the best OTT sports platform is vital.

When looking for the best sports OTT platform and service, there are several major components that make up a complete system. While this will largely depend on your individual requirements, many of these features will be top picks for anyone looking to effectively broadcast sports events and games. Here are the top features to look out for when choosing.

White Label

You’ll almost certainly want to broadcast your sports content and be able to call your platform your own. Any sports OTT service worth its salt will include white labeling. White labeling is the ability to live stream without any brand identity including symbols and logos of the platform provider.

If you want to broadcast sports events and games professionally, you’ll want to personalize them with white labeling. Luckily, most good platform providers offer out-of-the-box white-label solutions.

Revenue Sharing

Every OTT platform will have its own model for subscriptions and earnings. More specifically, a platform might state they’ll take a cut of the revenue produced from your broadcasting efforts. However, most reputable OTT platforms don’t follow this model but charge a monthly or yearly subscription.

Monetization Options

Naturally, you’ll want to be able to monetize your content. After all, a great benefit of streaming OTT sports is that you add monetization options.

Increasing numbers of OTT viewers are exploring different monetization options, too. This is mostly due to people wanting to save money, something especially true today. To succeed in your OTT broadcasting efforts, it’s a good idea to choose an OTT platform that provides several differently priced plans to allow your viewers to pay their way.

People expect and in many cases need more affordable viewing options today. Providing your customers with several viewing options at different pay points will help you retain the most viewers possible.

Security Options

It goes without saying that you’ll want an OTT sports system that is safe and secure. Data loss and privacy problems can be avoided by choosing the best OTT platform. Thankfully, many OTT services provide an advanced array of security features such as:

  • DRM (Digital Rights Management): DRM allows you to prevent the reuse of your content. DRM-enabled platforms disable users from being able to record their screens which means they can’t create direct copies of your content.
  • Watermarking: Watermarking is a tried and true method to help protect your content from piracy. Watermarking prevents any users who are recording your content from using it later since the content will bear the platform’s watermark.
  • Two-step login: This is a great feature to restrict unwanted access to your OTT platform.
  • Geo-blocking: With geo-blocking, you can restrict viewers from specific geographies from visiting your site and viewing your content.

Consideration: Do you have or require the rights to stream your sporting event? Legally speaking, there are certain rules, regulations, and rights around broadcasting live sports such as who are the rights holders. This is a crucially important question you must ask yourself when setting up your sports broadcast. Make sure to check before you start streaming.

Which OTT Platform is Best for Sports?

With the market expanding rapidly, there are more OTT platform choices than ever before. OTT platforms come in a variety of flavors, each tailored toward particular strengths and carrying certain weaknesses. But, in the realm of sports OTT, there are several standout players.


Viral is a strong contender for being one of the best OTT sports platforms.
Viral is a strong contender for being one of the best OTT sports platforms.

Viral allows you to produce, distribute and monetize the video content of your sport with a high-quality platform that’s affordable. The platform allows your customers to pay by several methods.

Best Use 

Viral is best used for those who want a stable OTT platform that has all the major components they need to broadcast games and live sporting events and monetize their way. Viral is great for its flexibility in monetization options and being available on a plethora of devices. This makes Viral a great option particularly for sports fans who prefer to watch on mobile devices and has multiple subscription and payment options.

Key Features

  • Flexible monetization options for your video content and live streams.
  • Turnkey apps for easy to easily manage mobile and big-screen apps.
  • Quick to get up and running.
  • Business scalability options include integrated analytics, control of users’ data, top-notch video player, global currency collection, and more.
  • Allows users to easily enable multiple subscription options and increase their number of subscribers
  • Viewers can watch via a plethora of viewing services such as Apple TV+, Roku, and all major web browsers.


Viral offers quick and inexpensive implementation with personalized plans tailored to your specific needs. They offer an easy contact form so you discuss your needs and have a price plan built on your sports OTT service requirements.


Sportsradar have made a name for themselves on the back of being a data-driven sports OTT platform that brings the games closer to its fans.
Sportsradar have made a name for themselves on the back of being a data-driven sports OTT platform that brings the games closer to its fans.

Sportsradar have been in the game for over 15 years. They offer a clean and easy-to-use user interface with seamless integration. They regularly upgrade their platform and build new extensions so you can customize your platform. Further, the platform helps you keep users engaged and interested by enabling you to add the unique betting feature to your content.

Best Use 

Sportsrader is best used for those who want data-driven performance. For over 15 years they’ve been collecting and reading the data. With this, they’ve been able to deeply understand fans’ behavior and provide this knowledge for broadcasters to propel their stream’s view count and ROI. Sportsrader is a fantastic data-driven option for sports fans and viewers who want to watch sports on a platform that’s customized, personalized and catered to their viewing habits.

Key Features

  • Data-driven key performance indicators.
  • Over 15 years of experience.
  • Adding betting content to your streaming.
  • Customizable platform.
  • Regularly released extensions.
  • UX-focused interface with easy-to-integrate technology.


Sportsradar doesn’t publish details about prices on its website and instead refers those interested to a contact form. Sportradar’s OTT team will reach out to you to discuss a tailored package and corresponding pricing.


NAGRA offers a dynamic sports OTT platform for live streaming and monetization.
NAGRA offers a dynamic sports OTT platform for live streaming and monetization.

NAGRA’s direct-to-consumer and on-demand services will allow you to create compelling sports streams while connecting with sports fans worldwide. With live streaming, highlights, statistics and a whole array of video services, NAGRA offers a fully loaded platform. They also enable you to manage your business effectively with personalizable and targeted advertising.

Best Use 

NAGRA is best for those who want to concentrate on personalizable content that turns subscribers into fans. NAGRA empowers users to create a loyal customer base with business-oriented solutions. With NAGRA, sports fans watching here are fully catered for. NAGRA is a great option for sports OTT for those who want a business-oriented system that’s built to be interactive and helps build a loyal fan base.

Key Features

  • Wide range of video services.
  • Personalizable content.
  • Helps build a loyal base of sports fans.
  • Business-oriented management system.
  • Cloud-based technology.


NAGRA requires that those interested contact them using their simple contact form. Through their contact form, you’ll be connected to an expert who will provide you with details on your sports OTT broadcasting potential. From there you’ll discuss your content plans and they’ll tailor a price package suited to your needs.

Host & Stream Your Sports Broadcast with Dacast’s OTT Platform

Dacast’s dynamic OTT platform will allow you to broadcast live or on-demand content to your own OTT apps across all devices. With Dacast, you can mix traditional video broadcasting methods, including satellite and cable to maximize the reach and success of your sports streaming.

The platform comes with a powerful out-of-the-box video CMS (content management system). With the intuitive and built-in CMS, you’re fully in control with easy video organization and management. Advanced analytics also enable you to see what works with your viewers. Total security comes integrated, too. Dacast offers users full control over their OTT content with an array of strong security features.

Video monetization is easy with Dacast. You can monetize your content with subscription VOD (video on demand), transactional VOD, or ad-based subscriptions. Further, you can set up and add PPV (pay-per-view) and ads to your broadcast or live stream.

Dacast is fully customizable. With Dacast, you’re free to add branding elements to truly create your own unique service. And using Dacast’s industry-leading HTML5 Video Player, you can create a completely white-labeled player with your own logo and themes.

What’s more, Dacast offers a full free trial of their OTT platform. No credit card is required. The platform is quick and easy to set up and comes with full support. With Dacsast, you can quickly, easily, and successfully set up your sports OTT streaming and broadcasting in minutes.

Final Thoughts

Broadcasting live sporting events is a must today. The internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for sports fans to watch their favorite sports – and discover new ones. With a sports OTT platform, you too can get in on the action and thrive in this new form of sports entertainment.

For successful sports broadcasting, you need an OTT platform with complete coverage. An intuitive and customizable platform, a wealth of monetization options and the ability to stream high-quality video create the bedrock for sports broadcasting success.

Reach and engage fans near and far with our OTT platform. Access our array of features and begin to monetize your content. Set up and deliver a fully personalized sports OTT with Dacast’s platform today.

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FAQs About Sports OTT Platforms

What Does OTT Mean in Sports?

OTT stands for ‘over-the-top’ and refers to the increasing distribution of video content over traditional cable on the internet. OTT in sports specifically refers to broadcasting live sports and sports content through dedicated online channels available on many devices.

How to Broadcast Sports Over Live Stream?

You can broadcast sports over a live stream by using a sports OTT platform. Sports OTT platforms come with an array of features for users to capture, upload, share, promote and monetize sports broadcasts.

What is OTT Sports Streaming?

OTT sports streaming is the process of capturing and streaming a sports event in real time to online viewers and sports fans. OTT sports streaming allows people all over the world to watch sports live via the internet from most internet-connected devices.

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