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Quick Start with Live Streaming (OBS Studio)

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 We will be using in this guide the DaCast version of OBS Studio, an open source encoder software.

This is a quick start guide for live streaming. It’s broken into a 14 step process doing the bare bones before you are up and going (you might experience difficulties on Mobile Devices):

 We will be using in this guide the DaCast version of OBS Studio, an open source encoder software.
1) Create a live stream by clicking on the camera icon seen above or + Create New


2) Choose a name and click on HTML5 for the Channel type. 

3) Once you have saved, click on Encoder Setup

4) Click on OBS Studio by Dacast (OBS)

5) If you don’t have it yet – Download the software for Windows 64 bits  / Download the software for Windows 32 bits / Download the software for Mac
(How to know if my PC is 32 or 64 bits ?)
6) Install the software and then open it.
7) Go back to the DaCast backend, in the encoder set-up section of your channel, step 3.

8) For HTML5 channels: take note of the Stream URL, the Stream name as well as the Login and Password (2 series of 6 digits)

9) Go back to the encoder (OBS), Click in settings (Bottom right) and then Stream

10) Make sure to select “Custom streaming server”

  • For HTML5 channels: Enter the Stream URL from the dacast backen in the “Stream URL” on OBS field. The URL should look like this “rtmp://”


  • For HTML5 channelsEnter the stream name in the ‘Stream key’ field. The stream name should look like this “dclive_1_150@399523”


12) Make sure “use authentification” is checked and copy/paste the Login and Password given in your Dacast backend. 

13) Before lauching the stream, make sure you have a Keyframe Interval of 2 or 3 seconds and nothing else when clicking on the Output settings. You should be having the following settings : 
14) Click on Apply and then OK. You can now start the stream in the bottom right corner.

To preview your stream go back to the DaCast backend and click on Preview.
Note that it can take up to 50 seconds to come up online for “All devices” channels. So be patient 🙂 

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