How to use XSplit Broadcaster for video streaming

Last Updated On March 16, 2019
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Intro to XSplit Broadcaster:

The XSplit Broadcaster is free if you use the Legacy Flash channel over DaCast. However, if you want to stream the All Device HTML5 channel, you need to purchase the Akamai plugin.

We recommend watching the following video if you plan to stream with the HTML5, all device channels.

How to Use Xsplit Tutorial Features

HTML5 channel

After login on xsplit, go to add a new video source (pictured below):

You need to purhcase the Premium version, which you can then load with an Akamai plugin.

Next, set a new Akamai Channel (pictured below):

Now, select an HTML5 channel.

Make the

selection under  and Click .

Here, copy and past the credentials into the Akamai plugin (pictured below):

Let us know if you have questions or need further support!

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