Video Management: What You Need to Know about Dacast’s Video CMS Software

Dacast’s video management system is designed to make managing large video collections simple and effective. 

Our video content management system (CMS) allows you to create folders for your videos, which behave a lot like categories. This system allows you to organize your account’s video collection in a similar manner to the file system on your computer.

You can access this feature with this link or by clicking the “Folders” tab in your account’s navigation bar.

The folders feature on Dacast also includes sub-folders, allowing you to get nice and specific about the type of content you’re looking at. 

For instance, you’ll see here that the animals category includes birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles.

One of the most valuable aspects of Dacast video CMS is that the system is easily customizable with video API. Dacast offers full API documentation so you can create the video hosting experience that works best for you.

Any questions or you want to access this feature? Please contact us.

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