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Video tutorials available here. We will be using in this guide the Dacast version of OBS Studio, an open-source encoder software. This is a quick start guide for live streaming. For more details, check out this tutorial. 1) Go in your Dacast account, Live channel section and click on “Create“. 2) Choose a name and click on HTML5 for the Channel type. 3) Once you have saved, click on Encoder Setup 4) Click on OBS Studio by Dacast (OBS) 6) Install the latest version of the live stream encoding software and then open it. 7) Go back to your Dacast account, go in preferences > encoder keys.  8) Copy-paste the OBS encoder key. If there is none, click on “Regenerate” to get one. 9) Go back to the Dacast OBS Studio encoder, Click on settings (Bottom right) and then Stream 10) Make sure “Dacast streaming as a service” is selected Paste the OBS encoder key 11) Click on “Refresh channel list“. Your list of live channels should appear in the OBS encoder, including the HTML5 live channel you just created. Select it. 13) Then go in the Output section of the OBS encoder and choose your video and audio bitrate. By default, the output mode is “Simple” so you do not have to worry about anything other than video and audio bitrates. If you decide to select the advanced output mode, make sure to keep: Rate control = CBR, keyframe interval = 2 seconds and Profile = baseline. For the bitrate, it depends on your internet connection and the quality you want to offer to your viewers. Standard definition – 480p video: size: 854×480 video bit-rate: 500 Kbps – 2 Mbps (1 Mbps = 1000 Kbps) audio bit-rate: 128kbps (stereo) 14) Click on Apply and then OK. 15) Add a video source by clicking on the + sign in the Sources widget. 16) You can now start the stream in the bottom right corner. To preview your stream go back to your Dacast account, click on the html5 live channel you’ve created and click on Preview. Note that it can take up to 50 seconds to come up online. For low latency streaming options, contact us.

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