Top 5 Streaming Solutions for Video Hosting

Top 5 Streaming Solutions for Video Hosting

It’s been three years since the consumption of digital video surpassed TV among millennials. OTT video is booming, and its worldwide revenue was close to $47 billion in 2017. By 2022, OTT revenue worldwide is expected to reach $83.4 billion. As a result, an increasing number of businesses across all industries are capitalizing on the profits of online video. Along with that comes the rise of streaming solutions, which are a must to host and deliver online video across the globe.

This blog will take a look at how streaming solutions can boost your business. Specifically, we’ll dive in and take a closer look at five of the top streaming solutions on the market today. We’ll look at platforms from Brightcove, Wistia, Vzaar, VidYard, and DaCast.

We’ll also provide some additional information to help you make the right decision when selecting among these streaming solutions. Sound good? Let’s get down to it.

How streaming solutions can boost your business

As stated above, starting in 2015 young millennials (ages 14-25) watched more video on digital devices than on TV. Online video is now bigger than TV ever has been. And it’s continuing to grow. There are none of the limitations that TV had, such as limited bandwidth on the airwaves. As the internet user base continues to grow into the billions, digital video is exploding.

Businesses across all industries are taking advantage of this.

In the world of entertainment, Netflix and countless other OTT video providers (large and small) are upending the market. Concerts and live sports are now live streamed around the world, expanding audiences to the millions. Corporate users find live and on-demand video streaming to be the perfect tool for marketing and internal communications. And with 82 percent of viewers saying they prefer seeing a live stream over a brand’s social posts, the results are excellent.

Top 5 streaming solutions

Top 5 Streaming Solutions for Video HostingLet’s shift gears now and begin to look at the five streaming solutions we’re highlighting here. These aren’t all the streaming platforms on the market (you also have free streaming solutions such as Youtube) but it is a good selection for professional video hosting. We’ll be looking at the basic overview, best features, and pricing for Brightcove, VidYard, Vzaar, Wistia, and DaCast.

Brightcove review

We’ll start with Brightcove. Brightcove’s streaming solutions mainly target large businesses. Among their products, Video Cloud is their streaming video solution for hosting on-demand and live video. This service includes an all-screen video player, monetization tools, and analytics.

Brightcove best features

  • Major focus on advertising functionality and monetization
  • Integration with CRM and marketing platforms
  • HTML5 all-device video player
  • Analytics
  • Social media tools
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for corporate users

Brightcove cost

Brightcove pricing starts at $199 per month. This “basic marketing plan” includes on-demand video hosting, video portals, social media tools, video interaction tools, and analytics.

If you plan to use your streaming solution for video hosting but also live streaming, you will have to choose the $499 Enterprise Communications plan. This plan also includes security features, internal portals, and SSO (Single Sign-On).

DaCast review

Originally launched in 2010, DaCast offers a range of live streaming and video hosting services for business users. The company is based in San Francisco with offices in Paris and streaming pricing

More than 100,000 broadcasters have used our streaming solution to add online video to their businesses. They did it either via our white label online video platform or via our video API by integrating all the features into their own digital media workflows.

DaCast best features

  • Native html5 video player
  • Monetization via white label, built-in paywall for pay-per-view of subscriptions
  • Analytics dashboard
  • APIs & SDKs
  • All videos are delivered via the Akamai CDN
  • 24/7 customer support

DaCast cost

DaCast plans start at $19 per month. This “Starter” plan includes live streaming and on-demand video hosting with 100 GB of bandwidth and 20 GB of storage. The Pro plan, for $125 per month, includes 2 TB of bandwidth and adds monetization and API functionality. The Premium plan, at $289 per month, further reduces bandwidth costs.

Additionally, Enterprise plans are available for users with high-volume streaming needs. Event plans are also available that charge a fixed price for a “bucket” of bandwidth, which can be used anytime within 12 months of purchase. This option is ideal for one-time or occasional events.

VidYard review

VidYard is the next provider of streaming services that we’ll look at here. With a focus on business and lead generation, VidYard offers basic video hosting and streaming services. They are mainly focused on offering an all-in-one solution to businesses that includes internal video creation and communication tools.

VidYard best features

  • Integrates with marketing automation for email capture
  • Analytics dashboard
  • A/B testing tool for video thumbnails
  • Built-in system for members of the public to upload content
  • Features to personalize video splash screens to each user
  • Various security features

VidYard cost

VidYard doesn’t make pricing information publicly available on their website. Instead, you can call to contact them. However, review websites state that the average price of VidYard is approximately $1,500 per month. On top of this, there is a $2,000 fee to activate marketing automation.

Vzaar review

England-based Vzaar is a video hosting service that launched in 2007 as a video platform for eBay users. It was envisioned as an online bazaar for videos, hence the name Vzaar. Today, Vzaar focuses mainly on video streaming services for businesses—especially education, media, publishing, and e-commerce.

It’s important to note at the outset that only the high-end tiers of the Vzaar platform support live streaming.

Vzaar best features

  • Developer API for integrations and custom platforms
  • Integration with Dropbox for video uploading
  • Integration for multi-language subtitles
  • Dual-encoding for video on-demand
  • Video SEO features
  • Custom branding

Vzaar cost

Vzaar offers four tiers of pricing. The basic “Self Service” plan ($25 per month) includes 250 GB of bandwidth, email support, and video analytics. The Premium plan ($250/month) ups bandwidth to 1 TB, adds access to the API, video advertising, and security features.

Keep in mind that if you plan to use this streaming solution for live streaming in addition to video hosting, you will have to choose the Enterprise plan at $500 per month.

Wistia review

Originally founded in Massachusetts in 2006, Wistia provides a video hosting platform for businesses. Their tools are focused at helping drive engagement via video, with features like CTAs. They also include some interesting features such as built-in video editing tools. However, this online video platform does not support live streaming.

Wistia best features

  • Guaranteed smooth playback
  • Video SEO and marketing tools
  • Analytics dashboard
  • API access
  • Security features to control access to content
  • Integration with HubSpot for workflow automations

Wistia cost

Wistia offers three levels of video hosting plans. The free plan offers basic access to the service. It allows you to upload a maximum of three videos, and includes Wistia branding on your content.

The Pro plan, at $99 per month, removes this branding. It includes support for 10 videos, and allows you to add as many additional videos as you want for 25 cents/month per video.

Top 5 Streaming Solutions for Video Hosting

Finally, the Advanced plan is aimed at larger viewers. This plan includes integration with marketing CRMs, as well as priority support and a number of other features. Pricing is custom-based and depends on your specific needs.



In this article, we’ve gone over five of the best streaming solutions on the market today. This should help you narrow down your choices. The rest depends on your business needs and resources. For best results we recommend that you go for a streaming solution that supports both live streaming and video hosting services.

Most of the streaming solutions available on the market offer free trials. Take advantage of this and try out several streaming solutions in order to see which one is the best for your business! Start today with our 30 days free trial (no credit card required):


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