What are the recommended encoder settings for my stream?

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Please be aware of the default settings of your encoder. For instance, the default settings in Wirecast are for 720p HD videos.

Below is a reminder on the common recommendations for bit rates for various video resolutions
1/ Low definition  – 360p video:
size (measured in pixels): 640 x 360
video bit-rate: 400 Kbps – 1000 Kbps
audio bit-rate: 64kbps(mono)

2/Standard definition – 480p video:
size: 854×480
video bit-rate: 500 Kbps – 2 Mbps (1 Mbps = 1000 Kbps)
audio bit-rate: 128kbps (stereo)

3/ 720p HD definition:
size: 1280 x 720
video bit-rate: 1.5 – 4 Mbps
audio bit-rate: 128kbps, stereo

4/1080p, full HD definition:
size: 1920 x 1080
video bit-rate: 3 – 6 Mbps
audio bit-rate: 256 Kbps, stereo

5/ 4K, Ultra HD definition:
size: 3840 x 2160
video bit-rate: 13 – 34 Mbps
audio bit-rate: 256 Kbps, stereo

Single bit-rate
we recommend a standard definition (480p) under 1000kpbs (audio and video bit-rates included.

Multi bit-rates
Please keep in mind that:

  • Your total bandwidth requirements will be the total of all your streams added together, audio and video bitrates.
  • Your internet speed connection has to be at least the double of your total bandwidth requirements (to test your internet speed connection: http://testmy.net/)

Note: To record your stream using DaCast Auto Archiving Beta feature, please remember that the maximum bit-rate allowed is 3.5 Mbps. It means that if you are doing a multi bit-rate stream, your total amount of bandwidth should not exceed 3.5Mbps.

For more details, fee free to read our article on recommended encoder settings.

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