How to record a stream with Wirecast 4

Last Updated On April 24, 2019
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Why Use Wirecast 4?

If you want to archive a live stream to your computer, so that you can upload the stream later as a VOD, you can do so through the “record” feature in Wirecast 4.

How to record a stream:

We use Version 4.3.0 in all screenshots and instructions below. *Please note that your screen may look different if you are using a different version of Wirecast.

  1. After streaming, click the RECORD button next to Broadcast button (as shown below).

Wirecast 4

2. After you click RECORD, a pop-up will ask you to select a name and file location for this recording.

Wirecast 4

3. After clicking SAVE, click RECORD again until an arrow appears over the icon (as shown below). Note: This arrow indicates that Wirecast is recording the stream on your hard drive for future use.


Wirecast 4

4. You have now archived your stream for future use! If you are using a different version of Wirecast and experience difficulties navigating these instructions, please get in touch with our support team for further support.

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