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Please note: HTML5 streams require version 5.0.3 of Wirecast.


Wirecast 5 Setup


Click on your channel and go to the ENCODER SETUP. Once there, you can choose the bitrate, the resolution and aspect ratio you prefer (click on the + sign to add more bitrate).

Once you have set the bitrate(s) and aspect ratio(s), click SAVE and then NEXT STEP.

Click on OTHER RTMP ENCODER and retrieve:

– Your login and password (a series of numbers; not your email and password to access your DaCast account)

– Your stream URL

– Your stream name

Wirecast 5


Open Wirecast and then open the OUTPUT SETTINGS window. To do so:

– Click on STREAM, if you have not streamed before

– Press the keys CONTROL + Y, on PC or press the keys COMMAND + Y, on Mac.

When the window opens, you will be asked to “Select an Output Destination”. The destination should be “RTMP Server.” Click OK.

Enter the stream URL under ADDRESS, and the stream name under STREAM.

Enter the 6-digit login and password in SET CREDENTIALS.



At this point, make sure that the stream is correctly set up for HTML5. To do so, click on the clockwork icon near the ENCODING dropdown and choose EDIT or NEW PRESET.

Remember, the settings necessary for HTML5 include the following:

Output Format: FLASH

Encoder: H.264

Width, Height, Frames per second, Average bit rate: your choice

Profile: Baseline

Key frame every: make your choice

Channels: Stereo

Target bit rate: make your choice

Sample rate: 48 Khz

Click SAVE or SAVE AS.

Back in the OUTPUT SETTINGS window, click OK.


You are now ready to stream! Click STREAM to get started.

Wirecast 5

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