Advanced Video Hosting

In march 2019, Dacast acquired the professional video hosting platform vzaar. This allows us to offer you more advanced video hosting features. Until we consolidate all our video hosting and live streaming solutions into one unique online video platform, we offer an additional video hosting platform. If you have high-end video hosting needs for your business, we recommend that you contact us to get more info on how to access this advanced video hosting platform.

Advanced Video Hosting gives you access to a large scale VOD hosting platform that allows you to store more VOD assets through a more powerful CMS, to stream in China, get a better control of the encoding video, advertise, and much more.

With the Advanced VOD add-on enabled, you can switch between the Live and VOD platforms with a single click.

To try out the advanced video hosting platform, you need to have a Dacast account. If not, just sign up for our 30 days free trial.

Then, you can just contact our 24/7 customer support team who will set up your account to make sure you can try all the features of the advanced video hosting platform such as China VOD delivery, AES encryption,


It is super simple! Once your account is set up with the Advanced Video Hosting Platform, you will automatically be redirect to this platform when clicking on the VOD section of your DaCast account.

Once you are in the Advanced Video Hosting Platform, you can easily go back to your regular DaCast account by clicking on the Live section of the Advanced Video Hosting Platform.

No, Advanced Video Hosting is an add-on available for Premium or an Enterprise plans.

A starter plan, for example, cannot purchase Advanced Video Hosting.

It is an add-on to existing plans rather than a plan in itself. For Premium plans it is $85 and for Enterprise plans it is $110, billed monthly or annually according to your plan.

Contact Dacast support at any time and ask about Advanced VOD. They will grant you access so you can evaluate it and purchase the add-on by clicking Upgrade my plan in the top right of your account.

Premium plans get an extra 800GB storage and Enterprise plans get an extra 1,500GB storage.

Both plans have access to the full set of VOD features:


  • China VOD Playback
  • More powerful CMS
  • AES Security
  • Bulk Uploading
  • Video library migration
  • Video encoding control
  • Signed keys embeds
  • Advanced video hosting API
  • Video scheduling
  • Branded video page
  • End screen text
  • Mail Catcher
  • Video advertising

No, the data in your plan can be used on both the Live and VOD platforms:

  • Premium plans can use up to 2 TB bandwidth per month
  • Enterprise plans can use up to 5 TB bandwidth per month

No, just like bandwidth, your storage allowance can be used on both the Live and VOD platforms.

In addition, the Advanced Vod Hosting gives you extra storage according to your plan:

  • Premium plans get 800 GB extra storage
  • Enterprise plans get 1,500 GB extra storage

Once you have the Advanced VOD add-on, click Video on demand in the main menu to access the VOD platform. Once there, you can click Live in the main menu to go back.

No, you won’t need another set of credentials to access both platforms. You can login to using your existing DaCast/vzaar credentials.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the API with the Advanced VOD platform.

The Advanced VOD Platform is really easy-to-use and comes pre-configured to meet most requirements. Learn how to use the video management features or browse VOD help guides to learn more.

If you already have VOD assets in the Live platform then you will no longer be able to access them once the VOD add-on has been enabled.

They will not be deleted and can be easily recovered, they will just be hidden while the Advanced VOD add-on is enabled.

No but if you decide to purchase the VOD add-on then we can discuss migrating your library into the VOD platform so you can take advantage of the full set of features for your existing assets.

Yes, the live stream recording feature will continue to work and the content will appear in the VOD platform as expected.

No, Advanced VOD is not meant for partner accounts and cannot be granted to sub-accounts.

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