How do I Clear My Cache on Dacast?

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How you clear your cache on Dacast will depend on which browser you are using. Here are some links that will explain how to clear your cache on different browsers:  Mozilla Firefox:… Google Chrome:… Internet Explorer: Safari: Any questions or need help/access to this feature? Please contact us. Not yet a […]

Multi Level Access

This feature allows you to give restricted and different accesses to your Dacast account. This guide will help you through the creation a restricted access to your account once you get the feature enabled on your account. 1) Please click on Multi Level Access under the ACCOUNT section as shown below: You should get this page: 2) […]

How do I setup a custom IP publishing point?

Please note that we have been using Akamai DEEM (dynamic encoder to entry-point mapping) approach for the selection of the publishing point for several months. This new approach provides improved throughput and automatically optimizes entry-points based on current Internet conditions. Therefore, there is no more the possibility to select a publishing point in the new back […]