How does Dacast do country restrictions?

Dacast uses MaxMind, relying on their GeoIP2 databases and web services. The databases are stated as among the most accurate IP geolocation databases available, using the IP of the viewer to detect their country of origin. Through integrating this technology with our own services, Dacast is able to do very accurate country detection to ensure that […]

How do I embed on a WordPress site?

Embedding on a WordPress site is easy. First, change from “Visual” to Text (on newer versions of WordPress)/HTML (on older versions of WordPress) as in the example below: After clicking to change the mode to Text/HTML, now enter in your iframe code (found under PUBLISH SETTINGS) into the article like below. Where you enter the […]

How do I setup a custom IP publishing point?

Please note that we have been using Akamai DEEM (dynamic encoder to entry-point mapping) approach for the selection of the publishing point for several months. This new approach provides improved throughput and automatically optimizes entry-points based on current Internet conditions. Therefore, there is no more the possibility to select a publishing point in the new back […]