How do I create an HTML5 live channel? (Legacy App)

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Video guide available here.

Follow this guide to create an HTML5 live channel your Dacast account:

To create a HTML5 mobile friendly channel simply create a new live channel by clicking HTML5 live channel  or using the graphic interface for a live channel if this is your first time using your Dacast account.

After clicking this, a popup menu will appear that looks like the following:

HTML5 live channel

Select the option on the right, “For all devices”, and you are ready to create an HTML5 stream that can be used for both desktop and mobile delivery of your live streaming content.

Default Live Channels limit

By default you cannot create more than 20 live channels (all types) in your account.
If you wish to create more than 20 live channels in your account, this is totally possible, you just need to contact us first.

How to contact us ?
– via our 24/7 live chat (directly in your Dacast account)
– via email (
– via phone (+1 855 896 9300).



2 thoughts on “How do I create an HTML5 live channel? (Legacy App)

  1. Lester Sawyer says:

    Can i stream live content from my cell phone (app)?

    Let’s assume i have an app /mobile encoder and want to collect LIVE content from my viewers/users.

    How would decast help?

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