iFrame URL spoofing – How to Prevent Stream Theft

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Honestly, we really recommend using the “JS” embed code instead of the “iframe” embed code and also enable our Referrer Restrictions. This will prevent people from using the JS embed code. 

This is the best way to prevent theft and piracy as well.

The JS embed not only helps solve issues surrounding iframe security but has a few other tricks up its sleeve, so to speak. Using Javascript removes the browser compatibility and security issues that have been popping up with iframe embed codes. Meaning that access to the camera portions of the form will no longer be blocked in certain browsers creating a smoother experience in all browsers. 

One good thing that we would also like to point out is that the JS embed code takes on the styles of the website it is embedded on. It will blend into your website seamlessly by taking on your website’s CSS therefore, allowing your fonts and colors, as well as the whole of the website to be more responsive.

Alternatively, although we recommend doing the two steps above, you can put your content in a javascript code to block people from doing this:

<code><script language=”JavaScript” type=”text/javascript”>if (top.location != location) {top.location.href = document.location.href ; } </script></code>


Any questions or need help/access to this feature? Please contact us.

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