How to Stream Using Switcher Studio on My iOS device? (Legacy App)

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This guide, provided by one of our fellow broadcasters, will help you streaming with Switcher Studio. / Please note that this tutorial is valid for Flash channels and iOS devices only. 1/ Login to your Switcher Studio account  If you do not have an account with Switcher Studio, you can create a free account at It is free for 7 days and does not require any credit card to sign up. Once your account has been created, you should see this: stream using Switcher Studio   2/ create a new channel in the Switcher Studio dashboard  In the the left menu, please select “Channel Setting”. Then click on “Add channel” as shown below: stream using Switcher Studio The following window should appear: stream using Switcher Studio

  • Name your channel
  • Copy paste the stream URL from your DaCast flash channel into the field “Server URL”
  • Copy paste the stream name from your DaCast flash channel into the field “Stream KeyID”

As a reminder, to get the information of your DaCast flash channel:

  • Log in into your DaCast account
  • Select the flash channel you want to stream on or create a new flash channel
  • Go under the section “encoder section” and take note of the stream URL and stream name displayed in the step 3 as shown below:

stream using Switcher Studio 3/ Getting Your Channel Setting Ready In The Switcher Studio dashboard.

Please click on the blue button “Speed Test” if you want your channel setting to be automatically adjusted according to your speed connection. stream using Switcher Studio

Once your test is done, click SAVE and your video format/resolution, video bit-rate, audio format and audio bit-rate will be automatically adjusted. You can also choose a MANUAL CONFIGURATION if you prefer to enter specific settings. Once you are happy with your settings, please click “SAVE CHANNEL”. Now let’s grab your iOS device.

4/ Download the Switcher Studio App on your iOS device  Start by opening the app store and download the Switcher app in all your iOS devices that you plan to run Switcher on. Please make sure to connect all the devices you are planning to run Switcher on are all connected to the same network. Once this is done, tap the Switcher Studio icon to open the app. Once the application opens in your first device you´ll have 2 options: USE DEVICE AS CAMERA or USE AS SWITCHER. Our fellow broadcaster recommends to use an Ipad as the main switcher so you can see all the cameras in a big panel but an Iphone can also be used (if you are not planning to use multiple iOS devices as cameras an Iphone is totally fine). 5/ Log in into your switcher account from your iOS device  After choosing your device to use as a Switcher, please use it to sign it to your Switcher Studio website account in order to get the list of your channels.
6/ Select Your  Output destination within the Switchboard Studio app.

Please click on the icon circled in red below:
stream using Switcher Studio Then please:
  • select “OUTPUT”
  • select “CUSTOM RTMP”
  • select the DaCast channel you want to stream on. This channel will be set to the default streaming destination in the future.

7/ Click on “Rec+Broadcast” to go live  If “Streaming Video Platform” is selected, the “Live” video output will be wirelessly broadcast via the Internet to the RTMP iOS channel of your Dacast account. Switcher Studio will also record the video output of your production to the main switching device. If “Local Recording Only” is selected, the app will not broadcast video and instead, will only record the video locally on the switching device.

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