Brightcove Competitor and Pricing Comparison [Updated for 2021]

Brightcove Pricing

Streaming video services are well on their way to surpassing TV as the preferred way to watch content. According to one 2017 study, over 50% of American adults under 30 used streaming more than traditional tv.  With this trend, viewers are becoming more and more selective about when and where they watch. As a result, video streaming platforms that can satisfy these viewers are growing in demand.

The oldest online video platforms include Brightcove and Brightcove competitors like Ooyala. These streaming services offer great features and have a strong focus on content management. Yet their core features center around on-demand content. They also require a lot of custom setup and can carry a hefty price tag. These factors aren’t ideal for every broadcaster or business, particularly in terms of price point. But not to worry. There are alternatives!

In this post, we will go over the top Brightcove competitors, go into key features such as video monetization, and review pricing for Brightcove competitors.

Table of Contents:

  • Why Shop Around?
  • Brightcove Pricing and Competitor Comparison
  • Brightcove Review
  • Key Features Comparison
  • Conclusion

Let’s get started!

Why Shop Around?

online video hosting platform comparison

It’s always a great idea to make comparisons before purchasing any product or service. The live streaming industry is no exception. Taking the time to compare a variety of streaming platforms can save you both time and money. But how do you make an informed decision about which live streaming platform is right for you?

That’s where this article comes in. We’ll compare three unique streaming services: Brightcove and two Brightcove competitors, Ooyala and Dacast. Ooyala and Brightcove revolve more around on-demand content management than Dacast. However, all three platforms offer both live streaming and on-demand content over a CDN. For that reason, we’ll focus on comparing features, prices, and monetization opportunities.

Brightcove Competitors

With so many choices for a streaming service that meets your needs, let’s help you narrow in on the right option for you! We’ll start with the first of the Brightcove competitors: our own streaming platform, Dacast Streaming as a Service.

1. Dacast

Video Streaming Platform for Live Video Streaming

Company Background:

Dacast is an online video platform that serves broadcasters across the globe. Founded in 2010, it is a fully equipped streaming service for audio and video content. Dacast is affordably priced with a wide range of features–including at the Starter plan level! The multiple packages and pricing options target beginning to professional broadcasters and businesses.

Dacast Overview:

As one of Brightcove’s top competitors, Dacast’s live and VOD streaming platform offers high-end and customizable features at affordable prices. These features and price point position Dacast as an ideal video live streaming service and an alternative to the Brightcove’s and Ooyalas of the streaming world.

Dacast’s value lies in its ability to provide all of the essential features of a live video platform for a reasonable price. With Dacast’s partnership with top-tier video streaming CDNs, you get an easy-to-use, CDN-backed video streaming service. All of the features start at only $39 a month. It’s a great service not only for beginners but for professional and experienced broadcasters as well.

Key Features:

Dacast offers a wide array of features, including:

  • No Contract Required:

No contract requirements are great for businesses and beginner broadcasters who don’t want to be stuck in a long-term commitment. For frequent streamers, Dacast also offers monthly plans, which include video-on-demand storage. Bandwidth rolls over from month to month, so you never lose any streaming services for which you already paid. For those streamers who only broadcast a few times per year, there’s also a pay-as-you-go plan. This option allows you to store extra bandwidth in your account to use whenever you want over a 12-month span.

  • Tier 1 CDN for HD-quality video delivery:

Dacast utilizes a live streaming CDN that spans the globe and provides full HD-quality video delivery. This means an instant connection and visually appealing streaming no matter where you are. One of Dacast’s video streaming service partners is Akamai, the leading cloud-based computing service.  This partnership allows all Dacast viewers to connect from around the world through Akamai’s extensive network. In short, it helps to ensure that all of your viewers receive quality video.

  • White-Label Service:

The Dacast platform is available as a white-label streaming service. This means that Dacast won’t advertise or put its logo on your videos. You have the freedom to add a watermark or company label of your own on any content. Dacast also provides analytics. This allows you to track viewership and survey demographics on your content.

  • Secure, Reliable & Quick:

A 24/7 monitoring system backs up the CDN. This helps to guarantee the fastest and most secure connections for you and your viewers. With Dacast, you also get Akamai premium storage for on-demand content. All content is fully load-balanced. If a server crashes or is in danger of becoming congested, it switches to another server to ensure that your stream runs smoothly. Dacast also offers token-based authentication with geographical and referrer restrictions supported.

Beginners and pros alike will find Dacast easy to navigate. You can sign up and get started broadcasting live content within an average of 20 minutes. No other company in the industry is as accessible and efficient for new users.

Dacast Pricing:

Dacast offers some of the best live streaming pricing plans in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at the available packages and features included:

  • Starter – $39month, billed annually for 1,000 GB of bandwidth and 50 GB of storage monthly
  • Event – $63/month, billed annually for 6 TB of bandwidth upfront and 50 GB of storage upfront
  • Scale – $188/month, billed annually for 24 TB of bandwidth per year and 1 TB of storage
  • Custom – Please contact us for custom pricing information.

Video Monetization:

  • Paywall System:

Dacast allows you to easily monetize your content via a built-in paywall support system. This paywall feature enables viewers to buy pay-per-views or subscriptions inside the player. This, in turn, allows you to generate revenue from streaming. With a simplified interface, it’s easy to set your subscription payments as weekly, monthly, biannually, or annually. With the Dacast paywall, viewers can pay inside the video player without having to navigate to a different page. This ensures that no viewers are lost in the process of paying for your content, which increases the value of your broadcasts.

2. Dalet (formerly Ooyala)

Dalet Streaming Platform

Now let’s take a closer look at the second of the Brightcove competitors we’re considering in this article: the Dalet streaming platform.

Company Background:

Founded in 2007, Ooyala promotes its ability to harness the raw power of data. Ooyala emphasizes its ability to converts this data into workable formulas to help broadcasters, operators, and media enterprises build a more engaged audience. Unlike Dacast, Ooyala relies more heavily on advertisements and interactive experiences via web video content. Overall, this service focuses less on live video streaming and more on-demand content. In 2014, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra, purchased Ooyala.

Ooyala Overview:

Ooyala’s focal point lies more with monetization via video advertising than live video streaming per se. The company is very well established and targets medium to large businesses. Because the cornerstone of Ooyala’s business is the customization of content and ads, it doesn’t compete with the simplicity of Dacast’s live video streaming platform.

Key Features:

  • Basic Functionality:

The Ooyala platform allows users to post videos on demand, manage content, monetize, and analyze. It also offers live streaming services. Ooyala’s original focus was on applying computer vision technology to create a clickable video. Since its founding, that focus has taken the company more in the direction of advertising and interactions.

  • Headline Features:

Ooyala is built around a number of tools. The headline platform allows for the management and delivery of live and on-demand video, monetization, and content recommendations. Ooyala Flex is a media logistics product for automation and management. Ooyala Video Platform is a video advertising service package, and Ooyala Pulse is a complex video analytics tool.

  • Content Security:

Ooyala services include the support of Encrypted Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). This feature allows users to restrict their content to geographically designated areas. Similar to Dacast’s pay-wall feature, Ooyala implements token-based authentication. This ensures viewers have paid to stream the content via pay-per-view or subscriptions.


Like Dacast, Ooyala offers different pricing packages for their products. Ooyala categorizes these packages as Publisher Package, Standard Package, Professional Package, and an Enterprise Package. Unlike Dacast, however, all Ooyala prices are custom, meaning they do not publish their prices online. Interested customers must contact Ooyala directly to learn more about packages and price points.

Video Monetization:

Ooyala offers features for monetizing business content. Video ad monetization is integrated with the top ad platforms, making it quick and easy to monetize through advertising. Like Dacast, Ooyala allows subscriptions of video content. This is the most recurring revenue for content. Ooyala makes it easy for broadcasters to manage while charging viewers centrally and automatically.

Brightcove Review

Video Hosting Cloud Software

Company Background:

Brightcove is an online video platform that focuses on video marketing resources to help develop viewership. This is a high-end video platform that offers start-to-finish consulting, strategy, and design services. Brightcove’s streaming service, Video Cloud, offers numerous features for those looking to broadcast on-demand and live content. The Video Cloud product is Brightcove’s way of serving live streaming video broadcasters. As with Ooyala, most of its products focus on video monetization through advertisements and content distribution.

Brightcove Overview:

Brightcove has extensive features that can help medium to large size companies. These features include an emphasis on marketing, analytics, viewership, advertisements, and other aspects of video content delivery. It looks to monetize content through ads and focuses less on live video streaming. However, the Video Cloud platform does center on live streaming and is the most similar service to Dacast.

Key Features:

  The Brightcove Video Cloud comes with the following features.

  • Three Screen Strategy:

The Brightcove Video Cloud gives advanced delivery capabilities to bring high quality streaming video to any desktop, device, or connected TV. With a growing number of people owning multiple devices and streaming content on each one, this feature assures that all viewers can access high-quality content on any device.

  • Bundled CDN Services:

Video Cloud packages include the ability to use any CDN provider to provide reliable and fast content delivery. If you have an existing corporate CDN, it can sync all of your media library to that CDN account. This feature is a benefit for larger businesses especially.

  • Protect Valuable Content:

Video Cloud uses strong stream encryption (RTMP). This feature prevents people from stream pirating and ripping. This encryption also prevents content theft and ensures that the video streams only play in authorized locations. Again, this is a useful feature for large-scale businesses and companies.


Brightcove promotes three categories of services: Marketing, Enterprise Communications, and Monetization. The Monetization service is the one that targets streaming with advertising via the Video Cloud. As with Ooyala, Brightcove designs its Video Cloud plans for businesses and thus have custom pricing.

The Marketing services package, which includes video marketing tools and analytics, starts at $199 per month.

The Enterprise Communications package starts at $499 per month and focuses on advanced security and unlimited scale.

These key plans overlap across packages and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Starter: includes 50 to 200 videos, up to 100,000 plays, and 2-5 users
  • Professional: unlimited videos, 100,000+ plays, and no overages plays, with +10 users
  • Enterprise: unlimited videos, 100,000+ plays, and no overages plays, with 10+ users, unlimited upload, and analytics-only users

Interested broadcasters can contact their sales department to receive a quote or sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Video Monetization:

Brightcove’s VOD product makes it simple to monetize and analyze content across multiple devices. It integrates the content being produced and compiles it to produce a single URL. Viewers can access this single URL anywhere with any device. This product also includes the ability to use pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads to target each selected user market. This opportunity brings personal experience to viewers and creates a greater monetization window for larger businesses.

Key Features Comparison:

Key Features: Dacast Ooyala Brightcove
No Contracts Yes No No
CDN Yes Yes Yes
White Label Yes Yes Yes
PayWall Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes Yes
PPV Yes Yes Yes
Subscription Yes Yes Yes
Secure Delivery Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Multi-bitrate live streaming Yes Yes Yes
Pay As You Go Yes No Yes
Cloud Storage Yes Yes Yes
Customized Marketing No Yes Yes


live video streaming

Brightcove and Brightcove competitors Dalet (Ooyala) and Dacast all offer distinct features to take your streaming content to the next level. If you want to advertise your company’s content, Ooyala and Brightcove are solid choices for businesses with larger budgets.  Neither platform publicizes its full price ranges publicly. However, both Brightcove and Ooyala are experienced with marketing and advertising content to gain viewership.

If you want to broadcast and monetize live events and VOD content, Dacast might be the better fit for you. Dacast offers the option of no contracts on secure, CDN networks powered by Akamai. It’s ideal for the do-it-yourself broadcaster looking to improve their business with affordable solutions. Dacast offers starter plans for only $39/month, a price point that’s perfect for both beginning and professional broadcasters and businesses.

Do you have questions or feedback about Brightcove or Brightcove competitors? We love to hear from our readers! Feel free to respond in the comment section below, and we’ll do our best to get back to you. For regular tips on live streaming, you can also join our LinkedIn group.

Not sure which platform is the right fit for you? Why not test all of our great features for yourself! Sign up with Dacast today to try streaming free for 30 days (no credit card required).


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